Did Moebius Foundation in StarCraft actually originated from Confederate Epsilon Squadron?

Right, so I always had this theory, which probably doesn’t matter at all, but I find it rather interesting. So I’ve always admired and read the old Blizzard Game Manuals, because they were always full of lore and interesting to read, especialy for the old games which had less lore in cutscenes, than in the maunals themselves.

In StarCraft 1, there were these 5 main Military Squadrons of the Terran Confederacy. They were Omega Squadron (Black), Nova Squadron (Purple), Alpha Squadron (White), Delta Squadron (Orange), and Epsilon Squadron (Yellow). The information on them were sometimes really choppy, and there were probably more Squadrons later in lore, but I’m talking the original Terran team forces. All of them, except for Nova Squadron, made appearance in game, but that’s because Nova Squadron was swapped with Antiga, Umojan Protectorate was swapped with Mar Sara, and Sons of Korhal were swapped with Elite Guard in game files for some reason. In Brood War they also swapped Alpha Squadron with Cronus Wing and Omega Squadron got swapped with Atlas Wing, but I’m already going of on a tangent.

The manual also informs us, that the primary worlds within the Confederacy are Tarsonis, Tyrador IX, Brontes, Chau Sara, and Dylar IV. While Nova Squadron’s base of operations remains mobile, we know that Omega Squadron originates from Dylar IV and Alpha Squadron originates from Chau Sara. That leaves Tyrador IX, Brontes, and maybe Tarsonis as possible bases of operations for Delta and Epsilon Squadrons during the Confederacy days.

We also know very little about Delta and Epsilon Squadrons. Delta Squadron was sent after Alpha Squadron and General Duke failed to contain the revolt on the planet Antiga Prime, and enforced a blockade on an entire planet. They were later seen defending Tarsonis, but nothing much more. But we only know one thing about Epsilon Squadron - Corps’ own Epsilon Squadron uses Science Vessels extensively along Confederate borders for surveillance and study. That makes them rather science oriented. We also know that their uniform color is yellow.

We also know that Moebius uniform colors is yellow - in Wings of Liberty, their units were always portrayed as yellow, Not only on Tyrador, but Xil as well, the Moebius Drakken laser drill had yellow colors. It may be a bit of a stretch, but what if Epsilon Squadron was based on Tyrador IX and was a more science / research based before the overthrow of the Terran Confederacy, and after that became reformed under the Terran Dominium into something that later became the Moebius Foundation? Seems possible and rather fitting to me.


Coolio theory.
Who knows? Maybe, it’s all a coincidence :smiley:
Surely they started from the secret Brood War mission.

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While elements could have been used for Moebius from Epislon Squadron, it’s a bit unlikely given what we know about Moebius. We see the roots of Moebius in the Dark Templar Saga as Valerian begins to found his own archeological foundations devoted to xenobiological research, it didn’t start as a military enterprise. Largely, they pulled from a lot of different experts in the field, and for security either used marine groups that didn’t seem as well fitted as Epsilon Squadron (IE the junky old battlecruiser Gray Tiger being used to ferry forces) as well as mercenaries for security. That wouldn’t really jive with the squadron wholesale being used for it. We also see that Moebius pulled a lot of mercenary elements, and only later as things progressed with their hybrid projects did Mengsk start shunting a lot of his own marine squadrons over to Moebius control (as we see in the short story Sector Six), since it had its own command structure being a private research group that worked with Valerian and Arcturus but was technically independent of them. The fact that they’re basically privatized and mostly independent of the Dominion (though worked with them) also lends credence to the fact they wouldn’t wholesale be an old Confederate squadron.

It’s possible that elements of Epislon Squadron were sent over and perhaps even formed the basis for a lot of Moebius as it grew, but it wouldn’t be a direct “Epsilon Squadron became Moebius.” Now, the “Clandestine Mercenaries” we see in Dark Origin, there’s certainly a case they were assimilated in, and that their use of mercs in The Moebius Factor are a jab at that.

Also Moebius was situated out of Tyrador VIII, Tyrador XI was the big resort world that the current SCII skinset comes from.