"Couldn't find localized data" -> Starcraft bad game data

Hello there!

I am currently playing the original version of starcraft (i did not pay for remastered) and after a fresh installation, i am only able to run the game until i power off the computer. The next time i start the computer and try to launch starcraft, i receive the dreaded “starcraft has encountered bad game data that must be repaired” error.

I was able to find in the “error” folder of starcraft the reason why i’m receiving this error. The error log in the folder says : “Couldn’t find localized data”.

It seems to me that my installation is missing some files. At first, i tried the repair button and also the “scan and repair” option, but once they have finished scanning i receive “Nothing found to repair” message.

The weird part is that if i uninstall and reinstall the game, it will work perfectly until i power off the computer again, then this message will immediately reappear.

So for now i can manage to play the game with my friends online, but i must reinstall it everytime i close the computer. This prevents me from keeping my profiles online or to keep saves in the campaign. I can survive with that as i only play online games, but i would be happier if i could keep my saves and profiles.

Lastly, it seems only me is getting this error in my group of friends. My friends do NOT have this problem, so it definitely seems to be coming from my side.

I am posting this here only to check if this situation has happened to anybody else. I won’t be mad if nobody knows about my problem or if nobody finds a solution, i’m perfecly aware that it seems to be a problem on my side, but hey, what do i have to lose to ask online?

Hey Deved,

Are you by chance using OneDrive?

Hello Leviathan!

Not to my knowledge, but i do use google chrome with my personal google account. It has a free google drive of 50 gb like every google account. I will try disconnecting my account before reinstalling to see if that helps.


I think i found the problem. I saw on one of your replies to a old starcraft post that starcraft needs the “my documents” folder to write and access some data.

Indeed, although i do not use OneDrive, the “my documents” folder on my computer has been modified to point on a distant server’s cloud data and i must connect a VPN to access it, which is closed whenever i want to play starcraft. I definitely think that this is my problem and that would explain why none of my friends have it.

Also, this would mean that it’s not just OneDrive that can cause this problem. Anybody whose “my documents” folder points on a distant server whose connection is closed should have the same problem. More and more people will have this as new cloud services on the web are available, or if they use a computer from their job to work from home and their “my document” folder points on one of their job’s distant server <-(yup, that’s me!).

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