Constantly delogged after custom games, or for bann, kick,et

CONSTANTLY delogged after custom games, getting delogged for being banned from a lobby, or kicked, for connection in a game dropped, 2 mintues frezzing to join a lobby

Iam gettinged annoyed, i bear it for months, i had enough, constantly s. in this game. STupid freezes, and constantly needing to relog after custom games is annoying. And able to do other stuff because freezes are normal now a days for just joining a lobby. Not able to join a lobby because it takes sometimes long and than instant delogged in game. Who thought that would be a good idea???

Of course, doesnt matter as long as ladder works ok. Some problem with Ladder instantly Blizzard gets hit by the Ladder warrior army and their hero minions, to fix it but not more. Couldnt even f. update the new maps images.
Dont you care for the game and how it is presented? Where is the class?

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