Chinese surprise pop up?

About 14:04 or 14:05(6-8-2021) central time in the US after update 1.23.8 I got a wierd pop up while playing offline by myself, white text in a black box that i would guess in chinese due to blizzard being partly owned by the china. Anybody else seen this??? It was only up for about 1 minute before it vanished.


on the teamliquid forum are more information on that.

Me and my wife got the same strange Chinese pop up.

It’s a Chinese nanny-state message. It’s says you’ve been playing for X hours and you will lose any EXP or play rewards after Y hours. Eventually, they start telling you to go exercise.

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This Chinese text seems more important to blizzard than rolling back this shockingly buggy latest patch.

As an aside ‘Taiwan’ is word filtered on bnet meaning you cannot make/join a chat room called Taiwan, op Taiwan etc.Blizzard dances to the CCP drum.


I also got this on single player.