Cant even run the game anymore, this is a scam

I paid 15 dollars to play this game and now i cant even run it because of this driver error message?, i have the latest drivers for my laptop and now i wont be able to play SC anymore, screw blizzard, im about to sue somehow


For 15 bucks? GL HF, bro

I’m inclined to agree. I once hired an attorney for advice regarding a non compete contract. $400 to just read, interpret and research the contract. $10,000 up front just to start if I wanted to go to court.


You had a good reply though, Leviathan!

I’ll restore it. :slight_smile:

Hey Chastin,

A patch just rolled out to help with some of the HD driver issues. Give it another try and post results in this thread if you like .

If your Mum isnt a attorney, i dont think you will find somebody to help you …
But no worries with all the people complaining in this forum about anything, since this game makes anyone go crazy, specially, if your game crushed for 10 time because of the new patch, there many possible people joining your lawsuit.
In that regard the founding is guaranteed…

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YES I also am now locked out of playing original starcraft and broodwar (I paid for anthology), which I could do before.

Some people still have their windows 98 / win XP gaming machines around you know blizzard.

This just upsets me to the point where I reaffirm my vow never to buy from blizzard again!