Call to Action: Preserve StarCraft's Legacy

Since the launch of 7 months ago, I’ve been gathering publicly available replays from all over the internet relentlessly. There are hundreds of thousands of replays already, recording games of hundreds of thousands of players on thousands of maps.

I’m “running out” of publicly available replays, so I need your help.

As of 2020 seeing the current state of StarCraft and its community I don’t think there’s any real reason left that would justify keeping your replays private anymore. I urge everyone to upload your replays at
You do not need to register to upload replays. You may upload replays anonymously, but if you login first, you’ll be able to filter to your uploaded games only.

Why should you upload replays?

  • Your replays will not be lost accidentally. Basically this is a free backup for you.
  • Your replays will become searchable on the site: you can search by date, players, format, matchup, type, map, custom tags etc.
  • You get an in-browser replay analyzer for all of your replays, similar to BWChart that’s accessible anywhere, anytime.
  • You get comprehensive statistics about your StarCraft history, much more than Blizzard will ever show you.
  • Your replays will help build statistics of all other players you played with or against.
  • Your replays will help build statistics of the maps you played, providing more accurate popularity and other statistics.

What kind of replays should be considered?

  • All replays are welcome. It doesn’t matter if it was a tournament, ladder, UMS, team game or played locally (or on LAN).
  • It doesn’t matter how old the replay is. Statistics desire replays from all ages.
  • It doesn’t matter which version of StarCraft it was played with, all version are supported, back to the 1.08 version when replays were first introduced in 2001.

You should not worry about uploading duplicates, detects if a replay is already uploaded, and also detects if multiple replays of the same game are uploaded.

If you’re an admin of a website and have replay packs stored on your server, please upload them. If you don’t want to bother uploading, at least post a link to the pack here and I’ll be glad to do it for you.