[Bug] Remastered interludes not working

I recently started playing StarCraft Remastered again and the comic-styled interludes that are meant to be showing in the Remastered version are not showing. Instead I am getting the Classic black background with green writing. Despite contacting Blizzard Support several times they have been unable resolve this issue and notified me that it’s a [Bug].

I have only discovered one post about said [Bug] and that was back in June 2019, nearly a year ago, with no resolution. So as advised by Blizzard Support I am making a new post and in the meantime whilst I wait to call Blizzard Support, I’m hoping someone has an answer to this issue.

So far I have done the following to try and resolve said [Bug]. Each step has been unsuccessful

  • Uninstalled and Reinstall StarCraft Remastered
  • Run Scan and Repair in the Blizzard Client and have checked for updates
  • Gone into the Options, clicked Video and checked HD Graphics
  • Toggle between the two graphics using the F5 on my keyboard