Blizzard We Will Meet You Half Way

For updates and servicing the game, just inject some kind of dorky battlepass. Most will grab the battlepass anyway to support Broodwar, and in return you’ll have the $ for a team that can update ladders, add portraits, address bugs, etc.

Seems fair, right?


No, lmao. Further they dont care a bit a bit about money. If they would, they would have sold all the consoles skins and preorder skins, etc. years ago.
What they really care about is the real money… The endless money that children throw at them from their parents account.

Im not willing to pay for a battle pass as long as I play only 1-2 games monthly. Stypid idea.

If they simultaneously fix the game so it runs well without mouse bugs on macOS and release a battle chest, I will buy the battle chest so I don’t have to play on a different computer than my daily machine.

I wrote my reply hoping the crowd will sing along. We are not scared for what Blizzard prepares as long as we are aware of their whereabouts.

That same enthusiasm once blessed up a generation without using buttercake or syrup. Now this Queen’s nest that we stirred up soon built up enough pyramids to fall through. There’s too many soft tunes.