Artanis is really weak in voiceacting

this is maybe the first character i find very powerless in voice acting. i started the protoss campaign finally andim pretty disappointed, no offensive to the guy voice acting him, i just think he sounds not fitting/powerful enough for the character.

I actually liked Artanis’ voice acting in this(He’s my favorite Protoss). Although he doesn’t sound as imposing as the other Protoss, I feel that the voice acting really suits him for the type of Hero that he is suppose to be(Spoiler Alert: He’s a Scout).

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He is supposed to be depicted as a rising star, and he is the youngest of the protoss. He isn’t supposed to be as powerful as the other Protoss just yet.

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With the game having so many complex characters (Aldaris was my favourite, absolutely perfect), a simple good-guy-next-door is underwhelming. Raynor is also an annoyingly simple good guy, but at least he has trash southern language which makes him more believable. Artanis is just the essence of non-existence.