Are the cloud saves working for you?

How are the campaign saves for you? My saves are there, I can download them and load the game, but they are not the latest saves from the PC. In fact, they are very old !

Cloud Saves work for but not taking over campaign progress. I am right now doing the same I do in Warcraft II BNE on GoG and save right before victory to keep progress over.

So that’s the only way to keep the saves up to date? Save before victory?

I am only sure, that this is the way you keep your campaignprogress.

I know this will come across as ignorant and uninformed, but what are “cloud saves”?

I’ve never had a problem with campaign missions appearing on the race select screen, and neither have I had problems with normal save games (although, to be fair, I haven’t saved a game in a while as I tend to play through a map from start to finish).

Cloud saves are saves that are stored on Blizzard servers, rather than on your computer. Those are useful when you’re installing your game on your new computer and you don’t need to transfer the data from your old computer via a usb stick or something.

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As scarlet said. What (s)he not said whas that only the saves are keeping stored. Your way of playing the campaign missions through without saving means that your progress will not get stored. If you want it to be stored I advise you to save right before the win of the last or the mission before the last campaing mission because if you win a later mission all previously missions will get unlocked too. Only exception from what I know is Zeratul Secret mission in Brood War. That need to be unlocked seperatly.

By the way, I’ve tried the method of saving before a victory and it doesn’t work. Since I started to play, I had 5 saves that I kept overwriting, no matter the campaign. If I try to load any of them, they are the same random outdated saves. It makes no sense. I’ve opened a ticket to Blizz, let’s see what solution they’ve got to offer.

Thanks for the clarification.
I always save at the very start of the secret mission anyway.
Every time I install the game, I just play through the campaign anyway because I enjoy it so much! :smiley:

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You must always use a new name when you save. If you do this Cloud Save works right. If you use the same name, in cloud you find the first save instead the last save. I don’t know why it woks in this mode.
I use StartCraft Remastered.

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Wow. Interessting to knew.