Are Blizzard managers a company that doesn't manage servers, ignores users, deceives, and only receives money?

StarCraft Remaster still had an error in paying the Dark Acorn A portrait in season 8, and even the Queen portrait this season had an unpaid error in any portrait except for the B portrait. And the Korean server also has a 3:10 error with the phrase “Failed to connect to Classic”, and the error of participating in the channel is also occurring, and the error of not showing the profile is continuously occurring. Please read this article seriously, and please patch it. If Blizzard wants to make money, if you manage StarCraft and correct some errors, StarCraft users will continue to increase and income will increase. For your information, I’m almost a user who bought skin related to StarCraft Remaster.

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Ok, all fine, but this comment is not a article … I wonder if the new team at blizzard will do give the game a new push or just burrow it… Either way … In 4months to 1 year most of the people will play on the shield server anyway… But it all depends on what the new team& bliyyard new strategy will be and how activison reacts…

Honestly I can understand why they only do the minimum for a two decade old game that only get them 15€ per copy.

I am sorry but I dont see starcraft recieving real attention until diablo ii resurrected has had a successful launch and I even think warcraft 3 reforged will be revisited before SC:R.
But I DO see Starcraft as a franchise getting it’s much needed love…in 2022.