APM on player stats and matchmaking

The AMP (Actions per minute) was instroduced by Starcraft. For many years there was needed to use 3rd tools (launchers) to know it. It is clearly a correlation (notorious on lower levels) between player skills and their APM.
Now on the client itself you can see your APM and from the other players as well.
Now, why dont use this valua as a fast method to determine player performance, so it must be taken in count on matchmaking as this would solve smurfings at great scale.
Smurfing would be almost totally solved if the system counts their APM on matchmaking,
First Condition APM
Second Condition MMR
APM also should be showed on player stats as they enter to a room. Win / Loses dont say anything about player skill. So you can select your team and opponents and not liying newbies like “50 APM noob only” rooms.

For sure, APM measure must correct some things like when spamming or holding a hotkey, so it would be more accurately measure of player multitasking skills, the so called eAPM (effective actions per minute).
That would be a great improvement on multiplayer matchs.

Looks like APM makes big differences between players from lower levels. Also in the categories, just in F rank would be players whose APM is from 20 up to 200 including smurfs or not. And here yes, 99% of games the player whose APM is higher is the winner.
At least APM must be taken in count on lower ranks F, E there is wide players differences here that just MMR couldnt guess properly.
So this would help newbies to be more confident and not get punished so bad and get outnumbered in a outrageous ways for him that just ragequit and never return.