After install cant open the game

cant open the game.
after reunistall still same.


Same with me, the game doesn’t work. Error is “starcraft is missing game data and cannot start”.

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yes same also
how to solve it?
i already paid the fees for this game.

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Same with me.
What we do, sir?

After all, did you fix the error? I’m trying here…

Seme with me “StarCraft is missing game data and cannot start. Try reinstalling game.” After reinstall, nothing changed.

how ?
still cant play !!!

same here, i just bought sc remastered and install it but cant play, its say the application encountered an unexpected error 9210AD29-2683-4204-829B-8684EED59087

я уже год не могу поиграть в игру. близзард всё равно на нас. так что тут ничего не сделаешь(

Same here, i want to play the game, but cannot until this crash is fixed.