1st Win Season 11 Ladder

Secured my 1st win in Starcraft BW Season 11 ladder!

Looking for my second win today come join the fun as I live stream on twitch!

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let me guess bot just gave it to ya.

it’s funny more i report bot more angrier they become and more cheats on their side.

You need to play a lot more if you wanna become decent in this game my man. Idk how old are you but if Artosis in his 39 can reach S rank and be steady on A rank why not you?
Raise your APM to 100 for start. Good luck to you on this because things will get frustrating fast!

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If you are in VPN they don’t actually go against you, they just take internet cost and take it and pay it to the internet company, let you win against bots, main internet company doesn’t have your receipt, and sprout out virtual history of what your actions were.

They just use host of birthdates and Social Security Number Generator and sprout out Virtual Experiences.

Anyone who believes any news they fed you, and say something will likely to be in category of delusion.

It’s possible I was playing against a bot, but at the end my opponent said gg, and well played…so idk

AI Programmed to chat certain messages, do you see blizz support, where it is AI? It doesn’t mean they are from blizz tho.

Yes, you are right, I do need to play a lot more if I want to compete on the StarCraft ladder. Getting my apm up to 100 is a good goal.