Rollback Today

Just a PSA for the players: Looks like the client was rolled back today for the AM and EU regions.


Yep. I wonder how long it will be until they can start the next ladder season. They’ve had to roll back at least three patches.

New season when? Flying SCVs fix when? Blez plizzard

I’m not Bliz, so I don’t know unfortunately.

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Thanks for telling us stuff like this Leviathan… it’s a shame the devs don’t communicate with us.


Since Team 1 was eliminated in October, there’s been no indication that there’s anyone developing SCR anymore.

WC3R got an update in March saying they were still working on the game, and D2R is obviously being worked on. But unfortunately, it’s been total silence with SCR.



I personally wouldnt look for any concrete updates until months after the release of Diablo 2 Ressurected, and even then I think WarCraft III will come first.
SC:R playerbase is just to tiny in comparison to those other titles.

HOWEVER, When they do find downtime I fully believe SC:R Will get the attention it deserves.

Agreed. With the state that Reforged is in, it will likely get attention first.