1.23.0 Cartooned exceptions/crashes

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We’ve identified a few new crashes related to using Cartooned. These are not highly reproducible, however, we are working to get them resolved and hot fixed asap.

If problems persist, before try disabling Cartooned as a temporary workaround.

thank you,

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I bought cartooned, but how do i turn it on ?? i see no instructions and it doesnt seem to be working
Any advice ?


same here, some help?


go to your profile and click collections and click the skin you want to equip


Once, I get the skin on, can I turn it off and get the Remastered Graphics?


I know you guys are shorthanded and hate to put any more problems on your hands but do the dev team has any plans for EUD offsets and features bugs as well? 0x6284E8, which was working fine just before this update, is causing disconnections. Also wireframes offsets don’t work on 64bits. Edit : It turned out it was a map tiles problem not 0x6284E8 but wireframes issues in 64 bits still persist.


Constant crashes are happening during campaign. Is that a way to downgrade to 1.22.4 till this issue will be fixed?

Seems crashes are related with some units. Seems when a vulture appears on screen, the game crashes.


No crashes here, but I am experiences FPS drops on a GTX 1050 4 GB

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Hey everyone,

We’ve just released Maintenance patch which contains the following fixes:

  1. Fix for a crash that can occur when using Siege Tanks in Cartooned.
  2. Fix for Spanish locale
  3. Mining bug in the the Ladder map Tres Pass
  4. Lurker selection circle being offset in HD

Over the coming days, we will continue to focus on stability as priority.



Yay, the Cartooned Graphics mode is officially out!
But disappointingly, turned out that Hunter Killer’s portrait is indeed identical to that of Hydralisk.


to Blizzard’s art team and/or Carbot animation team:
Could you please rework the portrait for Hunter Killer and correct this mixup? I’d really appreciate it.

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Hey everyone,

We’ve just released Maintenance patch which contains some additional stability improvements, as well as a change to re-allow ”[ ]” names.



Some doodads and ramps are displayed SC original graphics in cartooned graphic mode



Cloak is almost invisible on this skin, could be fixed.


Only the original SC & BW doodads/tiles have a cartooned version. Any custom/3rd party assets, for example from ScmDraft, do not, so they will show as their normal selves.


That’s really bad wording on your part and Blizzard’s. These tiles are in the tilesets. They were even remastered for that matter. They aren’t custom or 3rd party, nor are they ‘extended’.

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