Zerg wanting to Learn Toss

Hello Platinum Zerg looking learn the other races, starting with toss. Looking for some builds to practice and any resources that might help me learn the race (i.e. youtube guides, articles etc.). Looking specifically for macro builds, any help/advice would be much appreciated!

  • vibelol (bronze to gm on youtube)
  • harstem
  • rotterdam (cheese defense!)
  • winter (low apm challenges especially)
  • _gggreplays.com (filter for matchup / league / server + 1v1)
  • arcade section: minute micro & other (old) micro trainer (like dargleins micro trainer)
  • For those who struggle
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As pointed about, Vibe and Winter are good at getting the basic macro mechanics down, then go to Harstem for more specific build orders.


–> you can search for “Sprache: Englisch” (= Language: English)
“Liga” = league (platinum = Platin, diamond = Diamant)

You also might want to look for pictures of perfect walls for each map.
So placing the first pylon can be difficult / include a lot of work.
–> I like to train that with protoss players as a zerg player:
I will build 4-5 overseers and an army like 30 hydras or 30 mutas to destroy the natural wall over and over so the protoss training partner can train to build the wall. Changelings help as a comunication tool as they are the same size of an adept/zealot blocking the entrance.
After that, you can defend 12 pool / train scouting or just play ladder.

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