Zagara Deep Tunnel

Zagara prestige level 3 should have deep tunnel but I maxxed out the commander and Zagara only has root and cannot move anywhere. Is this a bug or the deep tunnel is just not available?

I had it working just fine for me. Might be a bug.

It works for me. Did you possibly forget to select the prestige one game? Maybe share the replay.

WONTFIX - Works for me.

Same here, could not get access to Deep Tunnel. How is it supposed to be activated? It did not show up in the skill bar (BB-HunterK-Frenzy-Burrow). Am I missing something? Prestige was activated, Zagara was glowing and spamming skills. P3 with masteries active.

Edit: Press “T”, though it still doesnt show up.

You need to disable Simple Command Card in the Gameplay section in the Options menu. You should see Deep Tunnel in 2nd row, 5th slot.