Wouldnt it be cool

if terran can build trains?

thank me later blizzard.


What is there to discuss? 10/10 idea mate


how about bunker with tires,that way you can make mech work xd


so… the thor? hahaha


imagine a moving bunker in front of your base with neo steel armor and scvs behind,it would be way too awful to watch


you’re basically describing a thor.

idk who your talking too but i dont see how a train or a bunker with wheals is anything like a thor

thor is like a massive bunker with guns on it that walks, sure it’s missing the wheels but it is mobile.

but bunkers have marines and thors suck against anything that isnt air units.

With decent numbers and positioning, thors shred ultras and roaches, mitigate swarm-hosts quite well and trade well against banes due to their size and health.
Pretty much the only units that Zerg has which are actually good against thors, modulo the presence of a single hellbat, are hydras and lurkers.

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No only Zergs are advanced enough to develop a subway in form of big bug sticking out of the ground.

Actually how does moving inside the nydus even work. It is like lightspeed intestines pushing units through?

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They’d both be super a-move

a train that we can put marines on, we finally can amove against zerg!!!

well i was thinking it would be used more for defense to transport marines to where your being attacked, maybge they could shoot out of the train like a bunker.