Worldwide Server Breakdown

The servers are broken worldwide, barely any people can do something as simple as starting a melee game.
The servers are broken to the point where the game is nothing more than a chat room, as the only thing still left remotely functional is the chat.


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We love to see the decline

Ah, not worldwide. I am playing on the Korean server and it’s fine.

1v1 works just fine why not ladder some? This is blizzards way of telling you to rank up and ladder

This is broken since the 23rd or so of Dec.

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Meanwhile they’ve got “specials” in their store for the “holidays”. Well, fine way to gain customers, selling an ecosystem that’s broken over the holidays. Very embarrassing for Blizzard IMHO.

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Also (showing this has been known since 23rd Dec 2020): Main Thread - Error when joining or making lobby

I have got lots of errors, am trying to log in here with was error down for half-hour for me, then I could not log in on like 10th time it pushed me for a pass and finally log in at least here.

-cant arcade
-cant solo
-cant VS AI melee /wtf

First I got “file error” for the first 2 days now it says “global timeout”

Can’t do anything for 4days now.
EU servers.

Like why not tweet and tell us what’s this?
They don’t wanna us to know something??

same problem on EU Servers


ALL the COD servers are like butter smooth i log in , in under minute in to a game.

Buuuut the SC2 server says global timeout…


And no its not ONLY in EU…

Some pb from 23 december. We need to search 12 times before to find a game in 4V4 on EU server.

but why and HOW can it be i can not play any map on arcade meele VS AI??? like wtf