WoL campaign shows completed on Hard... Any1 saves?

When I completed campaign somewhere in 2011-2012 only the last mission I started ALL IN on Hard as at first I couldnt, then completed on Brutal. Yet campaign completion shows: Hard

I want to try fix it by loading some save file that is on the last minute of All In. Those files from the net are from 2010 and incompatible. If anyone has WoL end on Brutal preferably from more recent years?

Btw Nova Covert Ops missions also had a problem that it showed me I completed 3 missions when I completed all, fixed this when I kept my save of last mission from years ago and completing again from it shows all is complete.

I tried completing All In and my gosh this is for masochists, there are some missions one of them is this one, that I do not want to return to, ever. I do not have psi emitter or that thing that slowed down and vs ground is even harder. I typically dont replay missions just for the fix need some end of the mission save from Lotv times.