WoL campaign Odin AA

Wings of Liberty campaign (I know it’s the case on Media Blitz, don’t know anything about the other Odin mission) the ground attack doesn’t scale with upgs.

According to the editor, it’s supposed to get +4 (+5 vs structure) per upgrade.
I’m not seeing anything there explaining your observation, seems to work the same as for other units.
Is it the damage display that don’t update, or just the upgrade level on the weapon?

Another topic with incorrect title. You do not mention anti-air attack at all in content of the thread, so I’d suggest naming it like “Odin’s attack don’t scale with upgrades”, or something similar. So that the people know what to expect before they open the thread.

From my playtest (easiest difficulty) I do not confirm.
Ground attack is increased by 4 (+9 vs structures)
Air attack is increased by 1 (+2 vs armored).

(by +9 I mean “flat” +9, not +4+9)

Can you replicate the bug? (make it repeat again?)
Are you sure you didn’t upgrade air units weapons?