Wings of Liberty: Brutal 20 stuck

I am stuck with 99% achievements in WoL.
It says that I am missing the achievement “Wings of Liberty: Brutal 20”, but I already achieved that one 28/09/2010!
I also achieved “Liberty Completionest: Brutal” on 30/09/2010.
My profile summary also states that I beat the campaign on brutal.
It is really annoying. I want the Dark Voice banner. I even beat Lost Viking for it…
Now, I started a new WoL campaign on brutal and completely beat it again and it still says 0/25.
Please help.

Edit: I just noticed that I somehow made this post with my US account.
Please note that I am talking about my EU account.

Try asking on technical support, both EU and NA are supported right now, so they may be able to help there.

Also here are quite a few EU players, so don’t worry ^^

I did that 2 weeks ago…

I see now, sorry.