Why is the ladder so Toxic?

Tired of playing 10-20 Toss/Terrans in a row that do nothing but BC rush, Cannon rush, Dt allin, Carrier rush, etc. If you don’t want to play a macro game ever, why even play this game? Go uninstall and install League of Legends.

When you know that they do that, why not simply counter it and get the free points?

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Rly go late game vs race that have fastest eco insta transition and mh???
How is possible to lose with zerg this is Terran lvl bad…

Because more than half the ladder is lame barcode accounts with the same banners.

How ironic.

Also one of the Most toxic persons in sc2 is complaining about toxicity?

But anyways. If people do BC Rush, Cannon Rush, dt Rush or Carrier Rush then Go collect your freewin. These rushes are easy to Scout and very easy to Deal with.


Doesnt change the slightest the gamestyle or your reaction to it and I dont let that count as excuse.

Scout > React > Counter > Win

If that was true most of the ladder wouldn’t be abusing exactly what I stated.

This is such a weird reply…wth…

@GhostHydra or maybe most of the ladder has issues to scout and counter that strategies and they are going for the easiest way by trying to counter fire with fire.
A strategy dont need to be overly strong to be overused.
And yes, all of your mentioned strategys are pretty annoying to play against it, but the only way you for yourself can escape that is by improving and rank up.
And the easiest way is to learn how you can counter the things you mentioned.
It doesnt mean you will get 100% winrate, but the more you improve, the less that will become a issue.

@CaptSchmidt Your ad hominem tries are amusing, but unfortunately you need to try harder to be able to provoke me with your mindless rage like a wild animal.
Feel free to take part in the discussion by discussing the topic. :smile:

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Actually that’s quite common. Humans aren’t entitled to be honorable nor rational. When doing my little smurfing survey, I actually stumbled across numbers of smurfs that actually started crying because of (wrongly) suspecting I was a smurf myself. :mag_right:

Yet, cheesing isn’t being toxic. It’s about making it tactically varied. Think about it, if you knew it was going to be 20’ no attack, you wouldn’t have the same incentive to scout small details/mindgame your opponent, it wouldn’t be a bet to play macro, and the game would lose half of its adrenalin content. On the contrary, it’s a good sign that cheese are almost as viable as macro, as it avoid the one build vs one build trap that some STRs slowly fell into. :slight_smile:

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BC rush can be kinda hard to deal with as zerg. If you don’t have a spire already up by the time the first bc arrives or about 6 queens then its basically game over. And it can get more annoying later if accompanied by widow mines.

yeah thats true. but he claims to be masters 2 and i feel like early bc is only really easy and strong below 4k. there is a reason why we rarely see bc rushes anymore in pro scene. most zergs spam queens from the start because you need them anyways for creep spread and vs literally all sorts of harassment. on lower levels zergs tend to build fewer queens and thats why bcs are pretty strong.


I don’t know why the ladder is so toxic and I don’t know why the forums are so toxic.

I just make a point not to contribute to the toxicity.

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While I get it…at the same time…what race u playing? If it’s zerg then yeah ur asking to get cheesed because zerg is overpowered with their larva mechanic. Only way to beat them is to make sure they can’t get mass larva banked.

Something is wrong with you. You are delusional. I mean it. Every times i read you its the same kind of comments.

All rushes you listed above can win against EVERY player. Even top one.
Its as usual with you, dumb comment over dumb comment.

And the worst is that you don’t get the point.
Ladder is just either cheese or macro games against mech or skytoss abuser.

The funny thing is that there is no shortcut to get high ranked in CS or league or dota or whatever competitive games except starcraft.

By dumbing down the game, blizzard ruined it.

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I honestly can’t remember the last time I saw a BC rush or Cannon rush win a game in pro play.

I can remember the last time I saw a BC rush in pro play - it failed spectacularly. Was a game by either cure or gumiho relatively recently.


Maybe i should have specified that i mean its Close to Impossible to win a Xvz with These types of rushes in the Higher leagues. Its important to Note that zerg is the hardest Race to effectivly Trick or kill with cheeses.

You cannot outright die to a cannonrush as a zerg. Proper dt rushes havent been Done since ages. BC Rush does next to nothing anymore. Carrier Rush? How do you die to a Carrier Rush ? Rushing into Carriers is Not viable in pro Scene but it was never meant to outright kill an opponent. You can kill a top Level Player with all of These Things ? Please link some replays of serral losing to a cannonrush or Something.

If you think im the dumb Person Here, better think again and get some replays.

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2 base Carrier has been a thing more recently.

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You have a really poor memory then because there have been a lot of Mech games in GSL and other tournaments lately. Hell, there was even a mass BC vs mass carrier game that lasted like 40 minutes.

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I’m already tired of this … Look closely at what you wrote. You said if you learn how to deal with those rushes you will easily deal with them. That’s strait up wrong and you know it. You can pretty much do them till GM. Some GM just do cannon rush and win at least half of their games.

You pull the progamer card like all the time and talk about balance where the point isn’t balance but design. We don’t care much about balance. Balance is just for progamers that’s all. The problem of this game has always been design.