Why doesnt raynor have a raven

i dont usually play coop but i played a mutation and everything is cloaked and i couldnt make any detectors. just give him the standard raven from melee with the anti armor missile and all that

you may think that raynor’s primary unit is marines or medics but in fact it is the orbital :slight_smile:


dude im spam dropping mules all the time and even if i was banking scans on the cloack mutation i would quickly run out.

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If you are playing a weekly mutation that has ‘We Move Unseen’, never pick Raynor.

If it’s a custom mutation or Brutal+, you either stick with your partner who would be using a mobile detector, ask for a number of their detectors to follow you or make do with a lot of Orbital Commands and maybe bring along some SCVs to build Missile Turrets.

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im like level 15 in the mastery thing with raynor though

as imperfect solution as it may be, there is also the missile turret I guess

You could also make 5-6 OC’s, pump the brakes on the mules, and use scans. They don’t need to be spammed - the area is large and they last for a good chunk of time. Between them and a little teamwork, you’d have plenty of detection.

Mules are excellent, but Raynor can get by without them as long as you’re not treating your marines like zerglings.

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What is so hard about banking scans?

Each commander has their tool kit. You went into the mutation knowing “We Move Unseen” is in effect.

So don’t spam MULEs like you are used to and adjust to save some scans for waves and pushing bases.

You get access to Turret and Scan within minutes, far earlier than many other commanders. Make use them appropriately. This isn’t a “add Raven” and everything is solved kind of situation at all.

I know a lot of terran players like to treat marines like banelings, but it is possible to play him more conservatively, actually preserve your army a bit, and not need 40 active mules to stay in the game.

Not gonna happen.
Build more orbitals.

an orbital command cost 550 minerals each

additionally raynors air units suck so it would give a reason to make a starport.

And its compensated by ~2 mules.
Vikings, Banshees and BCs are good enough.

mules that you said im not going to be dropping, and 2 mules is like over 2 min

Are you gonna complain every day about weak terran in Coop as well?

That is the opposite of giving reason to make Starport. Not that his air units suck at all.

I can tell you many experienced coop Raynor players can make mass BC work on every map. Some even more experienced ones can make Banshees and Vikings work too. So it’s not bad by any measure, just inexperienced.

So it just sounds like you have very little experience with coop. Learn a bit before so adamantly believe your current position.

i think the battle cruisers take less skill but are worse in most missions because they take too long to get out.

Real men use scan, ladder Terran has taught us this for years.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

but i am a ladder terran and i like ravnes better because they dont cost 250 minerals

What does that even mean?

In the interim, Raynor doesn’t have Raven and will never get it. Take a read on the coop forum and see just how “no commander ever gotten a new unit”.

So I mean either you learn to manage scans and mules like everyone else, or have a bad time lol. Think of it as a skill no different than micro’ing a Raven. Raven isn’t cheap, so poorly managed it’ll just fly to its death.

Much like poorly managed spams of OC, you either have energy to scan and face roll the enemy or you get rolled over by a clearly fixable problem.

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i refuse to believe anyone can be decent with raynor on they move unseen, i dont see how its possible without mules