Why do people hate 'cheese'?

From a scrubs perspective like myself i think the most frustrating part is not getting cheesed but the lack of multitasking and core mechanics to punish a cheesing player. For T players who cant basically Expand and Drop at the same time or cant even play against mass charge lots and prism play and get cheesed at start . Well as a terran player and tried those strats offracing then go straight carriers its actually funny. Its a L2p issue theres no fix to it but get better . I know its sad but it feels good as a terran player to win than a toss perspective.

Because of the following:

  1. Creates build order wins/losses
  2. Doesnā€™t let you practice vs macro or meta builds
  3. Ends games super fast one way or the other

Overall defending cheese doesnā€™t feel rewarding, itā€™s like swatting away a mosquito. Itā€™s just annoying.

There is a kind of cheese thatā€™s wholly underappreciatedā€¦ eco cheese.

Can put you in a great spot, even without killing a single worker or unit.


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