Why did Jim let Kerrigan go away instead of being together?

(spoilers) Just curious, story-wise. Seems after they killed Mengsk as Kerrigan thanked Jim, he seemed to genuinely love her, so why he let her go as she flew away?

Because she had stuff to do. Universe was still in jeopardy


Besides that, you say “let” as if he had any real capability to stop her at that point.


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Because he’s just a dude in power armor with a gun and she’s a bug monster capable of genocide on her own?

Also, someone’s gotta stop them pesky Hybrids and their emo overlord.


Kerrigan was playing hard to get

No, Jim’s the one that said “we’re through”. :disappointed_relieved:

He changed his mind a few missions later.

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bad people are also loved andnothing like being about to die to rethink what is important in life and t"here is no worse homesickness than for what never happened"

And it’s not gonna be Kerrigan, because after Raynor just saved her on Korhal, she then runs off to get repeatedly carried by Artanis.

Arguably she was cleaning up labs like Skygeirr from last Korhal mission until Ulnar.

Yes, she somehow spent almost unspendable resource like Swarm while doing so as well.

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It’s my head canon that there were countless Hybrid all over the Sector; not just on Aiur. The bombing of Shakuras only take out most Hybrid on one planet and Kerrigan use her swarm to clean all the rest in other planets (plural).

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I don’t think that’s headcanon. Between the prologue and the trip to Ulnar, that’s basically explicitly what she’s doing. At some point, she tracks Moebius and the hybrids to Ulnar and starts skirmishing with them there.


Prologue #1 is a thing too.