Why Can't Protoss and Terran get 90 workers by 6 minutes?

Title says it all. This is definitely OP, not an intended design difference.

because if terran and toss got that many workers in the beginning, then there massively stronger armies would decimate zerg out right. you seem to forget zerg units are all weaker to the other two races.


Parody post, homey. 20

Followed Up by: why cant protoss or terran get literal maphack plus Speedboost Like zerg?

If zerg can build 12 Ultras at once with hatch why cant protoss Warp in Carriers with Warpgate?

That is outrageous. Thats unfair !

if you have 90 workers min 6, then the early game was very one-sided.

This is a common misconception.

Zerg lategame units beat protoss units extremely cost efficiently.

It used to be during hots and wol that zerg had worse more expensive midgame armies, wich would allow the terran and protoss to get ahead. (kill workers, bases etc)

These days, zergs with larvea mechanics can defend any and all allin/aggro plays without sacrificing economy (ravagers come to mind)

Also zerg has allot more tools to deal damage to the terran and protoss due to mineral reduction at bases. Wich forces all races to expand faster (wich allows for zerg units to easily deal damage)

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Actually it really doesnt make sense why flying units don’t come out the spire. It also doesn’t make sense why protoss can’t warp in immortals, disruptors and Colossi. Since they are ground units. Infact, protoss should be able warp in all their units except probes.

Pretty sure Protoss can get 90 workers - or close to it in 6 minutes if they’re given a free pass to be obnoxiously greedy in the early game with silly stuff like 3 Nexus by 3:30.

Yeah, I guess that’s a good point. It’s a stupid false equivalency anyway. The idea of Terran with 90 SCVs and 4 bases at that point would be completely busted. Point of the post was to point out that Terran and Protoss get their Tech much earlier, because they don’t have 24 units of production streaming out of their Nexus/CC.

Protoss players weren’t granted the rank of master :frowning:

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True, but its also true that zerg can catch up worker losses much faster than protoss. As for terran, straight worker count is misleading because of mules.

I’m pretty sure that protoss can do it if you do no gas and use only zealots, batteries and cannons for defense. That build would be extremely strange and it would die easily to roach ravager all-in.

Protoss nexus is cheaper than a hatchery, I’ve explained it before. Problem is that if you mass nexus early game you won’t have enough production capacity to build army to defend. If a game have forced no attack for the first 7 minutes, I’m pretty sure that Protoss can expand faster than the zerg.

Zerg units are usually more expensive… and also weaker. Infestors(150 gas for a bad caster), broodlords (250,250 for a really bad flying unit that does not even… do its job at dominating ground units). So why does it cost so much if it cant shoot air and its also terrible at doing its job… I mean hell at least if it actually dominated ground units it might be worth considering but the fact is its terrible. T1 marines, thors, all kinds of things on the ground can tear weak @55 broodlords to pieces.
Buff broodlords they are total dog sht

For 50 minerals terran can beat virtually ANYTHING zerg makes with stim and micro. Hence a player named MarineKing.

Terrans also have the absolute best defenses in the game. Things that probably should not be allowed. Example: Watching a planetary fortress and scvs repairing… take on AN ENIRE ATTACKING FORCE… because repair is over powered and combine that with the high armor and it totally is negating the damage done by attacking forces…
Should I bother to mention the many other defenses terran have like tanks, widow mines, turrets… all these things allow a smart terran to never lose their base.

Also just because zerg can make a lot of drones does not mean they are not losing.

If they make 24 drones for a base that is 24 larva that did not go into military units meaning they should be losing the game.
24 drones is still 1200 minerals which is a lot.

Zerg do not have the benefit of terran where they can drop FREE workers after playing bad.
Zerg do not have the benefit of having workers that cost NO SUPPLY.

Zerg is without question the weakest race.

Sure anyone can pull a rabbit out of a hat. Sure skill still makes a difference.

But balance wise no race is weaker than zerg.

Its common to see zerg lose after making a single mistake… where as watching a terran make 10 or more big mistakes and they are still in the game like they did nothing wrong.

The game is from the get go designed to make terran players wins.

Just look at every mechanic and unit terran has.

Supply Drops: When a terran plays bad and gets supply blocked they do not have to suffer for their mistake they can instead IMMEDIATELY DROP A FREE BUILDING and continue to make military units.

If a Zerg or a Protoss get supply blocked they are forced to make new builds or units to give us supply.
So to make 24 supply we have to spend 100 minerals. For zerg it hurts us even worse.
Because we need to lose 3 drones to do it and that means lost mining time which means we now need to make 3 more drones which means now we have 3 less larva… which means 3 less ultras, hydras, roaches etc depending on what units we are making.

For protoss they need to run around and drop pylons. While it does not sound terrible its still much more costly than the EZ MODE terrans have it where they simply drop FREE BUILDINGS. (do not even attempt with the its not free argument as that is completely a fallacy. You are not forced to spend saved minerals to get more supply. Period.

Scans: Terran play bad and do not use units to scout of the other player…
Well they actually have scans which have NO WAY of being countered.
(Since this is an rts game where scouting is of vital importance.) Since terrans have the vest defense its actually less useful for them and more needed for a race like zerg. Since zerg should be adapting to what terrans have). Yet zerg scouting is essentially the worst in the game. Overlords are costly at 100 minerals and overseers at 150/50. On top of that they are easily killed by terrans t1 marines, turrets, thors, cyclones… etc.

Could go on all day.

Widow Mines: Overpowered and so easy to use you basically just burrow them and do nothing else with them. Keep in mind they are more useful if you actually micro them. But even at pro level you almost never see it because terran is so EZ that they don’t feel the need to unburrow the mines and retreat them or reposition them when needed. Nope terran so EZ they usually just let them die. (at pro level this is common to see).

Thors: The range, the direct damage the splash, the health. They are easy to use and hard to deal with it.
Blizzard gave them two modes… so they can even pop broodlords…

Which is weird because broodlords are total garbage units.

Using broodlords is essentially shooting yourself in the foot as zerg. They are the opposite of what you want. .

  1. they are slow so we lose map control because we cant respond all over the place to attacks anymore. They are also still killed by terrans T1 units… (marines).
    If you properly stim and run up on BL you can shred them… that is simply a horrible balance issue that has never been fixed. Marines should not be soo good at killing broodlords.

Battlecruisers: OUTRIGHT BREAK THIS GAME. The introduction of Warp to BC has ruined ZvT.

Zerg is FORCED to get corruptors… they have no other choice. Because nothing else is good. The worst part is BC can beat corruptors if used right.

  1. Yamato corruptors and then warp to safety… this can be repeated for just about anything terran wants to kill. ( complete imbalance)
    This is not something that should be happening in SC2. If you make the right units you should be rewarded with actually countering the enemy. The fact is corruptors are too weak and BC can actually beat them .

    This game is 100% trash until this change happens or they remove Warp.


You can do it with a fast TC and Charge, 1 gas too. Not against zerg, that’s suicide lol but it does work against Terran unless they do some really cheesy dumb crap like mass widow mine (that unit is dumb, overpowered and breaks the game, screw whoever made that unit, they suck) or finally figure out that hellbats are good vs Protoss in the right conditions.

Trick is you basically contain the Terran via small warp ins of 4-8 zealots and continuously attack, that way if they try to harass, they get got by their wall collapsing and losing everything after that. While they’re trying to not lose their nat, you get to free expand and chrono out mass probes with constant warp-ins and additional gateways and when appropriate, more gas and more tech variety.

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Do you realize no one even remotely listens to you?

Make a reaper and 4 hellions or 2 adepts and an oracle and Zerg won’t have 65 by 6 minutes.

If you’re losing to that, then I think I understand why you think Zerg is the hardest race.


Bruh, you need to learn how zerg works. You attack them, they have to make zerglings instead of drones. Its not about losing to it, its about forcing out army.

on the other hand T doesn’t need 90 workers, just mule spam…
and Toss has in most games, if you look at graphs the same worker count as Zerg. just look from top player the games.

I know exactly how it works. If you’re not hitting your drone windows, that’s why you’re always crying. If you are stuck at 65 at 6 minutes with minimal pressure, that’s why you keep losing.

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