Why am I getting opponents who have 1k more mmr?

Is this normal that I, having 2700 mmr get an opponent with 3700 mmr? He is a much stronger player, of course.
I think that the difference of 100 mmr is ok, but 1000? What is the point having an mmr system if things like this happen? It’s not the first time I experience this problem.


I have the same problem. Like I was playing in different leagues and skills level mismatch from other players. I think Blizzard should fix it. I lost tons of points 2 days ago and gain only 2 good ones. I not playing this month I want to see what happens.

Walter Chow

Hello Blizzard,

I hope u fix it teams because it is totally bugged and have different opponents in skill level from bronze to silver today. Some how other opponents knew the players what they are doing or something. Thx.

Walter Chow