Who wants a new Co-op XP boost?

Boy, do I miss the XP boost from that last War Chest. Am I the only one?

I wonder if we get enough traction here, if the Support team will give us another one. What do you think? At least they should have a boost like they have in HotS? I’d throw some cash their way to prestige faster.


For those who are still leveling through Prestiges, I’d be for it. But I’m maxed, so I don’t have a need for it now.

I’m told the current staff can’t do it (if anyone’s even still left), or not without great difficulty. I have the feeling if this was something that was worth doing, they would’ve also kept up with the joneses on other parts of this game mode.

Yeah, I’m kinda close to reaching the end of “prestiging”. Otherwise, I would’ve jumped on them had they been out sooner. I’m 7.5 months in, and have 10 of them left to go. It was fast as first, but I went from doing 3 prestiges in a week, to doing one prestige every 1 to 2 weeks.

I hope you did all the ones you hate early.

Absolutely. I was expecting one around Christmas and the SC2 11th anniversary.

I’m not sure if anyone left in Classic Games is even aware XP boosts were a thing.

Co-op is so dead they can’t afford to make more money.


I clamored for this a while but I don’t care anymore.

I never cared about completing everything in coop to begin. Might get a few more prestiges or commanders but who knows. These days I only play SC2 Monday evenings, Thursday evenings, and if not preoccupied Saturday morning.

Not quite, although in hindsight, that would’ve been the better way to go. Karax was my first one, and he’s the one I did in 1 week for all three. First 2 in 2.5 days each, and the 3rd in 2 days. However, this is greatly skewed for a variety of reasons…
1- Karax is one of my faves, so I’m willing to “put up” more for him
2- I haven’t played Sc2 Coop for about 10 months, so I was really psyched to get back into the game, period, let alone anything specific about it
3- that “adrenaline” really helps you get through things!

Instead, my order was starting with the ones that were my faves/interested me, and whose prestiges I understood. For example, I never bothered to read up on Fenix “dying makes champions better” effect, and his other ones (even though I fully leveled him up on P0.

Kerrigan, Artanis, and Raynor were quite awful (although again, this could be attributed they were part of “set 5” where each set, I pick 1 CO from a different race).

I did the same thing. I did favorites first, then dreaded playing the ones I hated later on. Namely Kerrigan, Stukov, and Raynor. They’re just… So bad and not fun to level.

Given Blizzard’s current state, it might be possible that they’d release another exp pack to boost leveling, consider the game is in its final state now.

Not me. What am i gonna do after i level all the prestiges quicker lol? Levelling prestiges is something to look forward to, so if it takes time, that’s fine by me. I’m just enjoying the journey while it lasts.

In a semi-sick way, I’m going to miss it too :slight_smile: However, even if we have gotten more content, it was going to end at some point. 21 COs? 30 COs? 17 to 21 missions!? Even the more hardcore/dedicated players amongst us would’ve long exhausted such options by now.

I’m on a push to A1000, so I’d take an XP boost for sure.


I doubt it’d be that hard as they still have resources that update the Blizzard shop in general and this is something that has been sold before…just not as stand alone.
Heck they could even be greedy and only sell it bundled with old Warchests and/or commander purchases, which I believe it was originally packaged with, so presumably even easier to implement technically.

However, as others point out … its dead Jim.

I don’t see how it would be that difficult. They don’t even need to add an exp boost purchasable item. Just increase exp earned by a % would do the trick.

They have an exp boost in Heroes and that game is dead too. I would gladly pay $5 for a months worth of exp boost and I know many others who would too.

I think most people (such as yourself) are absolutely correct on how easy it is. However, you’re missing a very human and important point in that logic. And that is motivation.

A lot of games sell xp boost and other items for $ because many players don’t have the time and/or energy to slowly collect them. One of my favorite games, City of Heroes, they sell some power set with $ for exactly that reason since CoH is mostly meant for casual players. Co-op is not a tournament format, so I can see Blizz selling exp package, but not when they’re also selling commanders. If they want to sell exp boost, they ought to release all commanders for free first.

The COs were only $5 apiece, so I didn’t find that to be bad at all. It’s actual content without having to jump through some of the worst hoops I’ve seen in other games (like on mobile) such as purchasing consumables, dealing with time meters, and really bad grinding. Yes, leveling up the COs we have now is a grind, but at least there’s an end to sight. You can get very far in a year’s time. Contrast that to others where 5 to 8 years is the minimum (I and others have independently estimated the time it would take for some of those games).

I’m also trying to get 1000, and it sucks. I recently learned about tomato farming, which is way faster than even L&L strats. I would be willing to do that for sure…