Who IS Bel’shir

So Stetboi as we know has been having some interesting experiences in his years stranded alone on a drug rich planet. We also know he’s been chatting with the planet itself, which until recently people probably assumed was just an imaginary voice in his head due to insanity. However, maybe there really is a voice, in the guise of Bel’shir.

So what do we know? We know that Terrazine can grant psionic powers, most notably telepathy. We also know that Stetmann became saturated enough with this Terrazine that he became able to influence the minds of the local fauna. And we know that Terrazine also gives the user a direct link to the void. And finally, we know that Agent WhosHisFace the ghost also heard a voice post Terrazine indoctrination, and also believed it to be Bel’shir.

So with all this in consideration, we have to wonder: is there someone in the void giving Stetmann orders? If so, who? Why? What do they aim to accomplish with these Mecha Swarms they have commissioned? And does Gary also hear this voice?

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No one knows for sure, but the most believable theory so far is that it’s Kerrigan in disguise.

I wouldn’t go that far. It enhances existing psionic power, that‘s for sure, but I’m not sure if it can grant psionic ability to previously impotent.

That cuties definitely hear the voice. In fact I believe he is the sole reason why Bel’Shir decide to contact Stetmann in the first place.

Which would imply she’s back to slaughtering people with Zerg. In other words, not only was her “redemption arc” really terrible, but now she’s acting not redeemed. Please no more Kerrigan, that ship sailed, sank, then got pulled from the bottom of the sea so they could sink it again.

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Funny you would say that; I think this theory really save the whole redemption arc. We’re all wrong and misinterpreting the whole arc. Kerrigan is still a murderous b****, she just a little less blood thirsty, a bit nicer; BUT she is still blood thirsty, she is still mean.

Just because she goes around sparing some innocent, rescuing her lover and allies with our bro, Artanis, under duress and we all think ‘Oh, she is an upstanding citizen now’. She is just lessor evil than Amon. She is going to kill ‘some’ innocent being, instead of ‘all’ innocent being.

She might be more merciful than the Queen of Blade, but make no mistake! She is still far from being merciful!

Basically, it’s not a redemption arc, we’re all mislabel it.

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I think, if it’s Kerrigan, it might be her way of putting certain planets “off limits.” on the down low. Robotic Zergs randomly showing up and keeping everyone away from a place is going to attract a lot less attention than a Flaming Xel’Naga showing up and smiting everyone.

Also she’s probably letting Stetmann do all the work so as to not violate the weird Xel’naga prime directive thing she’s imposed on herself. Kinda like when she tells Zagara to go tomb raiding instead of just giving her the Xel’Naga material straight up.


Love you TBO. 202020

My personal theory is that its a parasitic hive mind of microorganisms living in the terrazine. the mental instability caused by the gas allows them to manipulate or control otherwise resistant beings, such as terrans.

I don’t like the Kerrigan theory because one, leave Kerrigan alone for crying out loud! And two, Stetmann isn’t the only terran using terrazine. There are still spectres out there, to say nothing of the Tal’darim. If it were Kerrigan reaching through the Void, somebody else would probably have noticed that.

Rereading it I’m pretty convinced Bel’Shir isn’t an entity with an agenda, but rather a similar hallucination both Stetmann and the ghost conjured by convincing one another It existed while under terrazine. Stetmann just nudged that terrazine insanity by telling the ghost about it as his mind was rewritten/broken. It also explains further why the ghost and Stetmann managed to have different interpretations of what Bel’Shir wanted, which led him to taking Stetmann away.

All theory mind you. It’s hard to say if it is an entity or not.

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Isn’t Stetman’s Co-Op Commander not canon?

Yes, but the comic This Sacred Land is, and that canonized Stetmann being stranded on Bel’Shir and the Mecha Swarm.


Very cool, I was unaware of this comic series.

Very uncool. Of all the characters taking time to make a comic about pot head Stetmann.


Bel’shir is either a previously introduced character or a completely new villain that came out of the woodwork for that oneshot comic. Either it will be the main villain of the Second End War or it will be forgotten like most plot hooks in the lore.

Well all the interesting Terrans are either dead, infested or have a campaign about them already.

——> Vorazun & Selendis buddy cop adventure.

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They are not Terrans, but I’ll humor you. I’d rather see an Alarak-Vorazun romance story.

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It’d better be unfulfilled. I mean the banter/tension is there, but it wouldn’t work.

I was joking. Wouldn’t want that.

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I think that co-op being non-canon is what prompted them to do the Stetmann comic. It’s making official what they actually want to keep from co-op.

Is this what they want?

Can’t they… I don’t know… Me’dan this thing?