Which sc2 players do you find the most enjoyable to watch?

It can be an active player or a retired player
For me,
active player = Maru / special because of how good and different they play, the way they play the game really leverage their insane skill
Retired player = MarineKingPrime, HerO, Life were all so good and entertaining to watch, pioneers of their respective races with amazing micro skills

even though he plays protoss in some of the most abusive way imaginable, I have to say parting series are always so fun and unpredictable…

That is easy: KingCobra.

Reynor. He is extremely active on the map, and his ling control is the best in the world. When on the defensive he also pulls off the impossible over and over again. Dude is a beast.


BeastyQT - I watch his content more than any of the others, combined probably. I try to mirror his playstyle the most. I don’t like when he smurfs on noobs, but when he’s doing anything else SC2 related, it’s fun to watch. His commentary and content also fit my tastes.

yeah beasty has some really high quality content. Harstem too, i think these 2 are the best content creator of the sc2 scene. On a side note i really miss grubby. That guy wasnt the best at sc2 but somehow i really connected to him

Beastyqt is the most fun to watch.

When I first saw this thread florencio popped into my mind so I am going to go with that person.

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Florencio. The one and only.

SoS because he is the king of manipulation.
MVP for the same reason.
Serral because he has so many moments where it looks like he is going to lose and he still comes out on top.
I think currently though it is Maru and Parting.

A protoss streamer called ProbeScoutSamuel. He cannon rushes in every matchup, he’s my favourite guy!

Guys who said Beasty and Florencio :man_facepalming: Open your eyes… Beasty with once very high GM mechanics playing 99% of the time agains max M1 players… and Florencio? Ah just a smurf braindead Potatoe, who keep playing against high Plat/low Dia… wuaaaaaa how interesting. Its like seeing Pro football player playing agains childrens under 15… and when he win (of course he will win) you will clapping as seals after food

When Florencio wins he spends an hour slowly going through the replay explaining his amazing strategy to his viewers. When he loses he leaves the game and goes next immediately. The guy loves to admire his own work.

Avilo, when he rages and calls every single person a hacker, etc.

I enjoy beasty because I actually learn stuff from him. A lot of random garbage I see on the ladder Pros dont do so their games don’t really tell me how to respond or deal with something. Pros dont do 1 base nydus or 2 base muta or other random garbage. Beasty however goes through different levels on the ladder with very different strats over time (he’s done mass stalker, phoenix zealot, DTs, never attack etc) and so pretty much through his series I know at least one or two ways to generally deal with all the random garbage I see on the ladder because he deals with it eventually. My cannon rush defense for example which has like 90+ percent win rate I got from him after watching his shield battery seriew. His mass Phoenix strat taught me how to plat phoenix in PVP, etc etc. Beasty is like vibelol in that he’s basically doing bronze to gm each time but with different strats (vibe basically does the same strat) so you just need to find the strat that most fits and your general playstyle and see how he approaches and solves problems.

Everything mentioned can be learned alone and positive is, you dont encourage other player with that as smurf.
He can do this garbage stuff - but in private lobby… is it so difficult? Just think about it from both sides, what is playing against smurf

DRG because he’s old, and I am old, so its the only person I can identify with pretty much, but I’m also not Korean so I don’t identify with him that much because he isn’t the same color as me. Blizzard understands. :laughing:

Love beastyqt and pro games cast by winter or whoever. Love when tod is a caster or tasteless/ artosis

Back when Protoss took an iota of skill: Parting and Rain

Clem and Byun right now for Terran

Zerg is all about Reynor IMO (Serral was always a patch Zerg).

Is it possible to watch anyone these days?

All I see are ads, and more ads, and more ads still.