Which prestiges would be especially awful without their (+)?

As a Karax fan, all of those. P2 in particular.

For Alarak, his P1 would suffer. At least with P2 and P3, you just go on with “fewer tools”.

P1 Zagara. No extra free banelings, standard swarmlings, no free scourge, and you lose Zagara. Which means, no frenzy, and no attacking any air units until you get a scourge nest.

Wouldn’t that make every prestige awful? The whole point is to have an advantage with disadvantage, and now your premise is ‘there’s just no advantage’.

So that would make every prestige worse than their P0. What a weirdly constructed topic lol.


I don’t understand either.
Even a “least awful” topic, while better, would still not make much sense.

And yeah, Alarak P2 would just be “disable level 10 Alarak upgrade”, and P3…Mamaship get very lonely (0 destroyers) and cost a fortune for less power than normal (still temporary, and with a weakened Recall), so you may not use the fleet as much.

Others may be worst, but it’s so bad I just don’t see what there’s to say about it.

Heh… I guess I should’ve highlighted the “REALLY” part, or used “especially” instead. Yeah, I’ll go ahead and do that, and you guys go ahead and work off of that instead.

I think you misunderstood. It’s not that we don’t get you meant “what would be the MOST awful”. It’s just that there’s a difference between asking, for example “without disadvantage, which is most OP” versus what you’re asking (ie. the opposite).

The difference being that the underlying basis is P0, in that everyone is very use to a standard of power level (if you will). So anything below a very standard is already awful period. So diving further into a hypothetical most awful is rather moot. Whereas the opposite isn’t the same because you’re imagining what can be better for the better (without disadvantage) or worse (ie. too OP). In that sense, there’s value in discussing balance and improvement. Be it nerf or buff.

It doesn’t work for this topic’s aim because even with the advantage and disadvantage in, there are some already really awful prestiges. Case and point, Abathur P3, HH P3, Swann P2, and Kerri P1 just to name a few. So to imagine, then theorize how much more awful it can be is just purposefully seeking unpleasantness. Ya know what I mean?

TLDR; Just discussing how we can further imbalance the game by making everything weaker than P0 is really aimless.

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Technically, dehaka p3 would not be any worse than p0 without the bonus :stuck_out_tongue: but yeah, it’s a pretty strange topic. Guess we’re too bored :smiley:

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Ah, I didn’t quite see it like that. Well, I can’t delete threads, so unless someone wants to take that initiative, then this gets left here in the meantime.