Where are the Zerg ground base defense at?

A spine almost loses to a single zealot. You can’t have 10 spines in each base to counter an average warp in of harassment zealots. Why is this game so imbalanced?

no, a spine does not almost lose to a single zealot, lmao, what planet do you play on.

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Wat, it most certainly does. Add in two zealots and its instantly dead. Zealot with charge WILL kill it.

one charglot will not kill it, it takes two zealots to kill a spine. not one, unless its got +1 upgrade on melee. a chargelot only closes the distance so that it get one extra hit in its still not enought to take down the spine by itself. you really dont know jack about this game do you.

Go to the unit tester 1 1-1 or higher upgraded zealot with charge will kill a spine.

did i not just say a zealot with +1 melee will kill a spine, boy you dont read do you. It dont even need charge to do that, but a charglot with no upgrade will not kill a spine.

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To be honest, doesn’t that sound too strong? 1-1 upgrades come very early. In general I’ve found the Charge Zealot to be over tuned and the Adept to be UP.

Speaking honestly. The adept is always going to be UP because it’s ability effectively means it can be in two places at once and pick whichever fight is better. It can’t really have good stats while shade exists in its current state. Either you change shade, or you remove it for something less… problematic… in order to make adepts viable outside of the one specific adept timing.


To be frank, I think Protoss almost needs to be rebuilt from the ground up. To be 40+% of GM for going on a decade and to have almost no one who can reliably make it into top contention… It’s too much to be a coincidence.

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You need a lot of Attention These days dont you? You are asking questions you dont even mean Just for the Sake of it. The 3 races are different. Period.

The zerg Base ground defense is creep plus their own Units. No Other Race has constant maphack. To Kinda Balance it Out you have weaker Defensive mechanics from your buildings. But as i Said you dont need them because you can See everything in advance plus you have a movement Speed buff on creep.

I don’t disagree with that statement, personally. I doubt that it will ever happen now, given that they’ve avoided doing it for almost 10 years.

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Oh, no doubt. It’s just what needs to happen.

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