When Are Adepts Ever Ok?

I’m just a little curious as to which situations you’d prefer a mass adept build rather than just building Stalkers. From the streams I’ve watched people most often just build one maybe two Adepts for scouting except for the occasional time when someone masses them with Glaives. What are the situations where you’d want to do this?

I think the mass Adept idea really comes into play vs mid-game Terran bio, and the very rare mass Hydralisk from Zerg. Versus Terran, Adepts can be amazing in mid-game with Phoenix/Oracle vs bio Terran, as long as Phoenix can neutralize tanks/mines. The mass Hydra thing is more rare and usually by then you have psi storm, but it can happen! I’ve also seen this sometimes in PvP when one side insists on mass Zealot pressure without enough Archons, but this is also rare. So in short: mostly vs Terran.


Actually, mass Gladept is currently more utilized vs Zerg, mostly as a setup for later timing attack or pressure like Immortal-Sentry. Terran armies in TvP are usually more Marauder-focused (contrary to TvZ, where it’s mostly Marines with support), so Adepts are not as good, but if Terran is Marine-heavy then mass Adepts can work while army sizes are relatively small. Of course, in the late-midgame when army sizes become larger, you want to phase out Adepts for Chargelots and utilize Storm, or sometimes Colossus or Disruptor.


Haha true, it’s been more popular vs Zerg. Also, it happens rarely, but Mass Adepts vs Marauders is a fun battle to watch. The DPS on both sides is so low that it sometimes seems like they’re doing nothing to each other.


If you block the 2nd hatch in the natural and zerg goes fast 3 bases, then a gladept rush from 2 base with warp prism should be nice.
(rather early game / mid game and vs. 3 base because you can keep the zerg busy by shading / not shading because zerg has to cover so much space compared to only 2 base).


When they go all marine and some tank adepts makes wonders.

but very rarely I must admit.

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I guess you mean when you got 1-2 defense upgrades and shade on the marines (spread out a bit) to maximize the friendly fire from tanks onto marines & adepts while you take out the tanks with blink-stalkers or immortals.

Chargelot/archon/storm should be easier here maybe.

Nah I just meant when they are upgraded they can somewhat replace the role of zealots in a engagement when terran went marine heavy.

hey but inb4 I’m plat.

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you are right - the problem is that bio/tank has more dps and adepts have less range than both. So if you have bigger numbers, adepts are nice - especially because you can use shade and threaten to kill SCVs in the main base.

Don’t worry - I would never say that your answer is invalid because of your league. I’m just trying to fill the gaps of our thought process here.

btw.: someone hard-countered my immortals in desert strike with mass gladepts.
Also I saw Harstem go for a 2base adept/immortal in a pvp.


They are a piece of junk, only usefull the first 2 minutes of the game and never again.