Whats with all the terran hate?

people have long hated terrans, and not allowed them to speak their views on balance, but it is perfectly ok for brotoss and zerg players to do so but terrans cant. and people are allso really mean to terran players. here is example
imgur. com/a/YR2wBKP
i blured out names so its not a call out

there are countless examples of this. people are just so mean to terran palayers for no reason.


It might just be you. I never have that issue.


Mostly because of the superiority complex most Terrans on the forum have. But toss and zerg players who bring up balance get their share of hate as well. Terrans just do it more because of the aforementioned superiority complex.


zerg is the bro race, bro. we got brofestors

They h8 us cuz thay aintus.

I don’t hate Terran. I don’t hate balance discussion. I don’t hate that some people in the Terran community feel like the race is struggling in matchups. I’m not going to hate a person for liking a race and having an opinion.

I don’t understand how some people don’t know the difference between having a discussion on thier opinion and low effort whining spam posts.

Just a little advice, if you are protective of your opinion or don’t want to consider anything but how you view the situation it’s probably best not to start a discussion or keep it to yourself. Also learn to ignore the haters.


To call it hate is a stretch. It’s oly that for a lot of people the constant whining, a sense of entitlement, a ridiculous misplaced sense of superiority gets on the nerves .
We don’t hate you, just despise you (people with your mindset, not people like Miro and some other terrans).


Maybe you should try to stop creating 10 whine threads with no arguments every day and maybe people will react differently? Oh, sorry “YOU GUYS CAN SAY WHATEVER YOU WANT, BUT IT IS OBVIOUS TERRAN IS THE HARDEST RACE” is a wonderful argument, keep going!


imagine if the forums didn’t exist, and you could just play starcraft without whining to people who don’t care about what you say?

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i bring up plenty of arguments, you guys just chose not to accept them

It’s because generally Protoss and Zerg players’ balance views are much more reasonable and close to reality compared to Terrans. Terran players have lost all credibility when it comes to balance discussion because of how absurdly biased they’ve been and still are. It’s hard to look past 10 years of continuous tears – no matter the state of the game.


Itd be nice if terrans didn’t voice their opinions about balance for a day or two


I don’t see any Protoss or Zerg players inviting people into rigged custom lobbies and pretending like they won a match when they had 2 billion resources in bank and full map vision XD

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Only the goba could speak so many contraction in one paragraph… bulbous words…

Goba does not hate terran… just think they are whiner… with entitlement… and sense of superiority… in other word… goba hate terrans…

He speak of how annoying terran superiority is… as he talk about inferiority of terrans…

Literally the OP has doezens of posts about how terran players are the most skilled players in the game “losing to a terran means they significantly out played you”. A previous topic of his was “its obvious terran is the hardest race”.

But some how all that is deemed constructive to you and I am toxic. Yeah right buddy.

I have no quarrels with talking about balance to reasonable people. But the op is not a reasonable person. He is hard set in the mind set that Terran is the hardest race and Zerg and Toss players are plebs. There is no arguing with someone that has that mind set. Which is what my original post was referring to.

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I don’t know, let’s take a look at just first page in this forums and how many threads are made by supposedly Terran players about other races. Small sample size, but let’s start there.

I don’t hate Terran players as a whole, but of this particular forum the posters i dislike, trolling or not, definitely are supposedly mostly Terran players.

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Ty, Maru, Inno happens to be top Terran players above any other players in KR. If you mean this, that’s fact. They used to one of best even in HOTS…

What? How is any of that relevant to what I posted XDD

You left out the key word in that. MOST. Not all, most. Which is true, look through the topics and see all the posts made by terrans who claim their race is the hardest and requires the most skill. Even though it is likely they make dozens of mistakes in their games which is the real reason they lose games. That is text book definition of a superiority complex. I still fail to see how maru, ty, and inno are relevant to anything ive said.

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…but for some reason you do not include yourself in this group…