What keeps you playing zerg?

I love the sound tracks and atmosphere of Zerg most. I like the mechanical of Zerg, with injects, and mass larva production. :blush:

I love ling-bane against bio … and lurker vs Toss … :wink:

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I like to say that being the defender can be fun too. The enemy protoss with 70 APM is just doing the same thing over and over again, while you get to try and defend something new.

hm firsly in orig starcraft my first campaign was zerg, the whole idea of a superorganism with one purpose and multiple parts was interesting and new to me, didn’t knew bout tyranids back in those days

also i like the whole idea of beeing a patient spider laying out my web or creep and pounce in an instant punishing failures i see

nowadays i play more often coop than ladder but i still lie to hit the ladder from time to time but the competition compared to '14 or '15 is harder since most copetitors kinda know what to do so the margin for own errors is smaler and in order to get good results you also have to play a certain rigid style which imo isn’t the strength of zerg since most units either need some additional upgrades like speed or attack range or the inidividual evolution to get banes, lurkers or broodlords f.e. which makes zerg more dynamic

for me it was learning zerg rush and watching serral

Zerg is the best

Long live the swarm

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My passion for Zerg started with SC broodwars. I would play the campaign and just adore see huge mass of zerglings and hydras. Once sc2 came out I tryed all three and loved how zerg has so many options. Even if I have to play faster than my opponent, and lose I can always look at some mechanic of macro or my micro and be proud I fought with so much tenacity.

I liked the race back from the day I first played broodwar 1998. Anyway nowadays zerg is hard as hell in higher leagues. The whole idea of the zerg swarm is ok, but it happens to max out 5 times in a a game against terrains and still loose like a boss. Haven’t experienced that hard as hell terrans Never! Playing in low diamond, but gold terrans still manage to beat me. Platinum ones are also tough as hell. I quitted playing 1x1 anymore, because of this toughness that I experience.Switched to 2x2 and went terran in 1x1. Zerg nowadays ain’t fun. It’s just spawning some money inefficient units that die like hell, and splitting supply to 110 drones to army as a rest to 200. Dying and dying maxing out and still dying. Watch replays they say, build an army they say. I did, I scoured I maxed 5 times not even 100 times in 120 games and died. I say Terran is overpowered. Future of zerg is not bright as terrans is. Soon will delete the game once and for all and switch to another strategy game. Stupid matchmaking is crap also, it happens a day to play 10 z v z and 5-to 7 z v p and no bloody Terran. How would you explain 2 days - 20 games and a single Terran mech in 1 game? I say matchmaking Is crap. I hope some developer smart guy sees this and say all his nonsense as this guy don’t know what he is talking about etc. Well I would say, please fix the game or you loosing long time fans, Mr developer. When I played broodwar you probably were getting your diapers changed.