What is Blizzard's Customer Support Phone #?

I am tired of having this scrunching issue with my editor and relying on random people to help. I cannot use the editor at all. I tried to contact Blizzard support 2 ways. Ticket and Live Chat. Both have a bogus “required field” for inserting diagnostic files. WTF is a diagnostic file!?! I don’t know how or where to get one, let alone why Blizzard needs that BS. So I have zero way to contact them. They just put that BS field there so they never have to help anybody. Anyone who knows how to attach a diagnostic file is nerd enough to never need support. I want to pick up my phone and talk to a real person. What is their phone number? Companies are required to have one even if it’s not publicly displayed.

The editor states quite explicitly that customer support does not support it at all.

They’ve never answered questions before and they won’t answer questions about it now because you want them to.

Your best bet is joining either SC2Mapster’s or Mapster’s Circle Discord servers.

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They still gotta have a phone number. SC2 editor is till their product.

And what do you hope to achieve by calling them when their customer support doesn’t support the product? I agree they dropped the ball by not supporting it, but if all you expect to achieve is yelling a poor guy at a call center, it seems pointless and entitled

I know how much it sucks, but honestly, if you actually want to get things done, head to sc2mapster discord, we can help you much more than what a call center peep could.