What if Sovereign Battlecruiser can use all weapons?

What-if Videos are not actual proposal.

Link: https://youtu.be/D593tDOK31s
Sovereign Battlecruiser has two attack options; to switch to ATX Laser Battery or Mini Yamato Gun.

For this experiment I used 3 Sovereign Battle Cruisers and reinforced its health with filled 100 supplies with Han’s mercenaries.
With Full upgrade and all in Significant others mastery.
I pitted them against Brooding Corruption and Devouring Scourge

I enabled them to attack with all weapons.
The result was that SBC is much suited for dealing with swarmy flier units but the improvement is questionable as Han’s Mercenaries or Horner’s Lesser aircraft can easily deal with swarmy units while SBC are specialised to snipe very tough units. Besides, all Horner’s Air Combat units (Theia Ravens) are limited by 300 sec cooldowns.
Its performance would likely to stay the same even with this buff.

In this video I increased the Mini Yamato to 10 (from 6).
It seemed appropriate as all Yamato cannon related spells have 10 range.
Other than that, I see no problem with them.

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I feel like this makes them reaching Hyperion level of op-ness lol.

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Half of the threads in the entire Co-op forum are from you with yet another one of your dumb ideas where you either propose an unnecessary buff to an already good unit or buff a weaker unit into overpowerendess. How about condensing your fanfiction and power fantasies into a single thread at least?

Oh, and hint, hint: removing weaknesses (or the need to micro, like switching between ATX lasers and Mini Yamato) from all commanders and units will turn the game into boring attackmove.


Laser Battery does 78 dps by default
Mini Yamato Gun does 100 dps

Enabling both more than doubles its default damage output.

Not all. Only Theia Ravens has a cooldown 180 seconds.

Well, The only problem that I have for Sovereign Battlecruiser is that, their range stays 6 when they research Mini Yamato, when All other Yamato Cannons have 10 range.
And as much as I would love armada of mini Hyperions there is that high cost and that darn cooldown hahaha.

Ah, yeah! I meant battle Air units, thanks for the heads up.

That’s right it does but normally in actual combat, when you have 3 Battlecruisers at 14 to 17 minute range you already have just about 100 supply of mercenary units that can easily wipe enemy composition in mid to close combat.
Furthermore with well aimed Tactical Strike you can even destroy most of the incoming enemies or defending enemies.

So even if Sovereign Battlecruiser do obtain extra ATX laser it would prove little good as high DPS mercenaries make short work of it and it is a very slow process to gather them.

So overall unless you are running for lengthy mission that gives you enough time to gather Sovereign Battlecruiser, in “normal missions with time limits” their increased DPS won’t contribute much.
That is why I said “Its performance would likely to stay the same even with this buff”.

What other units do or how many BCs you can get in X minutes is irrelevant. It doesn’t change the fact that enabling both weapons at the same time is a massive buff. Performance would be the same if the damage of both weapons are halved.

I’m on the same side as Cybernetic, where this buff is entirely unnecessary. If you’re struggling with DPS, just make Demios Vikings instead. Their anti-air missile spam just tears air units apart.

Emphasis on Mini Yamato Cannon. It isn’t a full power one.

I will clarify.
I never endorsed the Dual weapon improvement save for the range increase.
This is only an experiment to show what will happen.

I simply explained to Cybernetics why the dual Weapon system won’t largely boost Soveriegn Battlecruiser’s performance and would rather stay the same, not because I endorsed them and wanted it to be implemented.


I went through the my past posts that I uploaded. I forgot that I put up lots of posts about empowering unnecessary things and how much you guys had to put up with it.

I made this thread to tell you that I apologise for the annoyance and how much you had to put with me.
I’m trying to find balance in revamping particular units in right way rather than making OP these days. Some part I owe it to you guys setting up the perspective to judge how much is too much.

If I must speak why I posted so many threads about ideas and OP buffs is simply because I love Starcraft 2 Co-op very much and I’m brimming with ideas for them. I still love Starcraft 2 Co-op that’s why I’m still making proposals and evidence to back it up.

I too think Sovereign buffs above aren’t really necessary but I uploaded to show what would happen if they are given such ability.
It’s not over the top at least (Imagine me uploading Hyperion shooting Yamato like ATX lasers)
I won’t make promises but I’ll try not go too crazy (Even a “what if” series).

That’s it bye.


Agreed, but you in particular seem never consider about possible benefits and only focus on weakness exclusively and push through. Also you seem to reply whatever that is overly flawed and doesn’t appear in anything that maybe good. Maybe you don’t give particular feedback when the idea is at least “acceptable” and just be there when idea is “flawed” some what.
When other people give feedback they hand out both the good and bad. Sometimes they give ideas how to better the idea with their idea.
But I appreciate you contributing your idea about Broodmother concept I posted.

That’s ridiculous, but I endorse it. Now if only you could do a What if for vikings. Honestly, though, it’d be cool if vikings had an AtG and GtA attack in their respective forms, maybe with reduced damage, where microing them is about avoiding damage from one source, just regularly transforming them to play keep-away while still dealing DPS of some kind to both ground and air.

I do agree with this though. Having your fun with the editor is one thing, but it tends to flood the forum a bit when each one has a thread dedicated to it. Maybe keep it to a thread for changes to each commander, at least.


My hope for some videos are giving people and developers ideas how to improve on a particular Coop features and what happens if the impossible is actually implemented (by all means I don’t mean to upload videos or threads showing hyper over-the-top content (maybe I’ll upload them, just won’t sell it in the forum)).
I already have a huge post that lists all the improvements/bugs but if you think if it is flooding them too much, I’ll find them another way.
I’m bit concerend that people may not find it because I’ve made so much changes in the past months.
I’ll do that next time but unfortunately not this time because I pretty much covered up everything that can be done in Co-op.
Thanks for letting me know.

I made some improvements for Han and Horner.
You can find them in the post that I made.
The only buff I want for SBC is range increase, preferably to 10.

Duly noted, thank you for your opinions.

Thats a H&H unit?
Yea u can give that commander any buff you want.

If i remember the last stats they are the least popular commander in coop by FAR.

I don’t think it’s bad to have a separate topic on every one of these, as long as it’s a separate issue.

I mean yeah most of it do tend to buff without real need but it is a fun topic to discuss. And more importantly for me, some of these changes and interactions can be drawn from the video. It provides some insight and data to often pure theoretical discussion.


TBF, this is already Coop in a nutshell. They’ve reached a sort of sweet spot where the tradeoff of fun and work appeases a larger number of the player base (can’t please everyone ofc).

Agreed. If you want to talk about something specific, make a thread just for that. Otherwise, you risk the thread going somewhere else, and you’ll be lost.

For example, you want to talk about Raynor’s Medics, his Marauders, and his Firebats. By doing a single topic for all 3, you run the risk of one getting all the attention, but none on the others.

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@ ackmondual
That depends on whether it’s a “just for fun” video to share with people or a serious suggestion for a change in a unit. If it’s the former, I think it can just be thrown in a larger thread.

I still disagree. If you don’t want such topics, then it should be outright prohibited, banned, etc., as opposed to being limited to a single thread. Otherwise, a specific topic helps keep the focus.

What kind of way of thinking is that? A ban versus suggesting to the poster a little consolidation? What a leap of logic. Either way, I don’t care enough to have a long-winded debate about it. The suggestion is for Dehakaburger to consider.

I don’t really care enough either. I just ignore threads and subdiscussions that don’t interest me. For example, I couldn’t care less when we have whole threads, or parts of threads dedicated to discussing skins, textures being off, Irin-han vs. Nerazim.

Good idea. One variation of this - viking has both AA and AG attacks in each modes, but wild missiles work only in air, while penetration is enabled only in ground mode.