What highly niche/under used/never used unit do you wish was used/better?

For this thread, we’re looking at units from various commanders that are extremely rarely used, if ever used at all.
For me, the one glaring unit that I always look at and be sad about is Stettman’s Mecha Hunter Banelings. For what they do, Gary just does it better. Gary wave clears better with triple E-Gorb, and has Stettellite Overcharge for base breaking. Gary also has the added benefit of going Super Saiyan and Teleportation.
I don’t know how they could be improved but… I just know that for the role they server, Gary/Super Gary outshines them, even without P2.

It is funny this topic comes after the topic about hellions never getting used. Hellbat form sees a lot more use.

Fenix disrupter is another one that comes to mind, Fenix just never really seems to have a need for it.


I had the poor Hunter Banes on my mind for some time before that thread, honestly.
Fenix’s Disruptors are criminally under rated.


Artanis Phoenix and to an extent his Tempest. Artanis is my boy but I wish his Skytoss was better.

Archon / HT + Spinlots, Dragoon + Robo + Spinlots, or just Dragoon + Spinlots out perform Skytoss against all Zerg, most Terran comps and most protoss comps.

I do a weird Phoenix-Immortal-few Reavers- Zealot build specifically for mineral evaluation .

Only comps I find skytoss to be best choice is Reaver-Disruptor, Fleet of the Matriarch, and Shadow Tech. Against Terran and Protoss air a Skytoss + Dragoon heavy ground mix is good but so is mass Dragoons in a lot of situations. Skytoss + Immortals is kind of good for Towering Walkers.

Obviously you can use Artanis Skytoss against a lot of comps because it’s just co-op but it’s not great.

I wish Phoenix would prioritize units like High Templar within it’s sight range.

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Rob the Cannonball. I have yet to see a random match Tychus that use him.


Hey, I use him. Good for breaking tough bases.

On topic:

Fenix disrupters (they aren’t “bad” its just that colossus do a better job for a better price plus hero unit), Stukov Queens (I like them as support in P3), Nova’s Hellbats (I used them maybe 2 or 3 times against a rough bane comp to tank and soap dmg). That’s for now.


Putting aside Warbringer, cause hero. Collossi may or may not do a better job (it’s the burst versus consistent damage argument again); but price wise Fenix’s Disruptors are quite a bit cheaper, it’s 120/120/4 for Disruptor versus 240/160/6 for Collossi.

Disruptors deserve more love than they get… people don’t even know the poor things exist sometimes…

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This. I love, love, love using them against things like Roach/Hydra/Ultra/X. Watching the armies just melt in seconds from double nova is such a high.

I use him too, but admittedly far less in comparison. 9/10 games I’m probably too lazy and use Tychus only. 1/10 I get a 2nd outlaw, and 50% of that is Sirius while 50% any other outlaw. So the Rob-frequency is far less.

Also, how is that not “on topic” lol… cuz you use him (therefore he’s not niche-used), thus my comment of Rob is ‘off topic’?? Kinda rude, ye?

Fearr recently showed me that mass cyclone is actually pretty good if you’re willing to micro a bit. Been using it a bit lately and it’s a lot of fun

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Boi, been using mass Cyclone for a while now. The DPS they can put out against single targets is pretty scary.


I meant that I wanted to discuss the units I mentioned. I dont consider canonball neither niche or very rare. Each one to their own I guess.

I wasn’t rude. Don’t be paranoid.

Abathur Nydus Worms should be static defense instead of transport units, they should shoot balls of fire out of their mouth.

It’s not paranoid if you are actually being rude. You’re round-about saying ‘anyone who says Rob is niche is trolling’.

If you actually understand:

Then you wouldn’t be making the comments as you are. A simple “I meant no offense” would have been just as appropriate but you’d go as far as “you’re paranoid, I wasn’t being rude”.

Too used to calling you out on this kind of stuff. But I guess to take your own word “Each on to their own I guess”. I felt you’re being rude, and you don’t. At least I’m not further calling people ‘paranoid’ for no reason or assuming they’re just ‘trolling’ in the first place.

Now back on topic, another unit that’s super rare to see is actually broodlords. With the new prestiges being the way they are, it’s even more rare to see them than before (which is already fairly rare).

For a simple statmenet you are making a lot of assumptions. Just stop it.

And lightning bolts from the tail.

Do you mix them with other units? do you blindly build them?

If I need a frontline unit, usually Hellbats or Goliaths, depending upon the composition. Otherwise, no. Just hard make them and make a few Science Vessels for detection and healing.

I haven’t seen Spider Mines from Raynor used in the longest time. TBF, I believe the update that made them targetable when unburrowed made them unpopular.

What about swarmy comps?? Hellbats??

Was 1 month really too much to necro Underutilized but still good units? ?
Or was that topic supposed to go in a different direction, but failed to do so (at least from what I can tell so far)?

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Yes. Hellbats vs Swarmy comps, always.
My main go-to builds on Swann are actually Hellbat/Goliath/Vessel, Hellbat/Goliath/Thor/Vessel, Hellbat/Goliath/Cyclone/Vessel, Hellbat/Cyclone/Vessel, or Cyclone/Vessel.