What did you do with the free Co- Op time?

Here’s what I did I got all of the commanders I did not have to level 15 and got all their achievements. But I also want to hear what you did with your free Co-Op time.
So that is what this forum is for.

I didn’t have much playing time during these period.

Only max level H&H and Tychus.

Maxed Alarak. Man, he’s such high risk, high reward. When he works, oh man, he works.

I probably should have leveled up other commanders, but…I didn’t.

Brutation was easier for him though. His sheer power allows you to kill hybrids, threshers, and avenger units easily.

Maxed Mengsk on one server just to check him out and that’s it.

I have work to do, and the last two commanders I don’t own are Stetmann and Mengsk. Stet lags me and Mengsk can go to hell.

Maxed all commanders, got all but 3 achievements (which I can get at level 5 anyway)

Didn’t get a chance to play. All my COs are leveled up anyways.

Absolutely nothing. I have everything maxed.

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Am curious to know why.

Doesn’t like him lorewise, is all. Raynor and Stukov are two of my three favorite SC characters, and both oppose Mengsk in varying capacity.

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i played with a player that does not own all commanders and he leveled up his karax while i utilised karax`s repair ability to keep my units healthy. i did not play with karax. i already own every commander myself.

I bought Tychus. He’s pretty strong, I think. Now only Stukov Stet and Mengsk I don’t own. I’m sort of interested in Mengsk because of elite ghosts, but… meh. Mengsk.

I was perfecting the Stukov infantry tactic. Seem to be very good against most map. Final tackle is cradle.

Karax is very rigid now. Can’t flex and do thing like i used to anymore.

I seem to have a little difficulty to adjust my play with the new difficulty adjustment.

Played some Stettman. Stettlag was so bad that I stopped.

Never have any issue with 1400$ computer that I built. Maybe you need a new computer.

Stettlag is well know and happens on beefy computers as well as weaker ones.

I play on some nice PCs. The only time I got Stetlag was when he came out to when the next few patches came in. It was like night and day… visible jarring and stuttering in the fps. Nowadays, there may be some hiccups, but they’re very brief, and it’s otherwise been OK.

Yah for everyone who bought them all, it’s kind of not a big deal. I’m just glad I have achievements to hunt in coop anymore, and I didn’t have to spend 100 bucks on xommanders