What are some hidden (+) and (-) for some of the prestiges?

Karax P2 - B/c you can’t even spend the resources on Cannons, Monoliths, and their ability upgrades, you get units even more quickly since it’s all going towards units and SoA upgrades!

You actually reach your supply cap. Towers are sometimes a “supply dump”, and that’s simply not an option here.

Karax P3 - No Chrono Wave so you don’t have to do the “chrono soon” in the chat (you don’t have to do it anyways, but as someone who’s played with Karax allies, I want to do it b/c it’s something I’ve appreciated).

Getting things out is SLOW. You can work with it, but it’s enough that it’s noticeable. From the Probes at the beginning that seem to be “somewhat delayed”, to the Carrier that has a bt (build time) of 120. For the latter, unless a P ally can let you borrow their Chrono Boost (CB), that’s an actual bt of 120! Contrast that to with Chrono Field, at least it’s down to 104. With that + CB, even with no mastery into it, it should be 87 (feel free to check the math). I’m even less incentivized to make Carriers on his P3 (although I will admit, if it’s a long mission and nothing much is going on, I have deviated in that regard)! When I was running through his P3, that’s one thing that got me to use them more and more. Back before the Prestige system and when I was still only using just Karax and Swann, Some feedback did say that Chrono Field was indeed useful.

Karax overall - He went from being the most memed/disliked CO, to the most praised CO. Practically a 180.


Raynor/Kerrigan/Abathur/Stetmann P1 - No MULEs, Omega Worms, UE, and Super Gary respectively. Those are some pretty powerful tools you lose out there. OTOH, for those that just want to “let their hair down” or generally don’t like dealing with them, these are nice alternatives to their baselines. MULES are at least 20% of one’s APM (or it sure feels like it :\ ), Omega Worms are less management but still need to be managed, UE need care to get bm depth first to rush out your first Brutalisk, and Stetalites are a whole bunch of extra macro. FWIW, regular Brutal is easy enough that you’re fine without them, and it was fun exploring those prestiges (+).

Alarak P3 - He now has an air force 8)

Alarak P1 - Destruction Wave no longer 1-shots Zergling. It’s still a good anti-AoE ability, but it is more gimped there. OTOH, some of his mech combat units can some serious boosts to their dps!

Stetmann P2 - His “generate stetzone” ability goes a long way towards alleviating his (-), but all other times, you need to babysit his movements, and really use Shift+move/right click to make sure he doesn’t go off trail and end up stuck off stetzone influence.

HH P2 - You can still use Reapers here, but with only 2 Assault Galleons, I didn’t really want to. This is the prestige that got me away from mass Reapers.

Stukov P1 - If your PC ain’t up to snuff, being unable to us ICC (Infested Colony Compound) should go a long way towards reducing lag!

Dehaka P1 - No lv15 available… no Godzilla theme when you would normally get to that in-game level!


Any P0 – Makes you look like a noob.
Mengsk P3 – You can no longer transport units.
Raynor P2 – Because units cost 25% more gas, this bonus is more of a 60% increase in DPS (0.8 * 2), not to mention the investment into afterburners and the 30 sec cooldown. Of course, this doesn’t account for the shorter training time for 4 vs. 5 units.
Stukov P2 or P3 – If you ever felt your FPS was too high, either one can lower it.


Raynor P1 - Your bio-balls are so tanky that you can actually stop midway the man-spam to field mech units coz you save so much resources from not constantly replacing them.
Fenix P1 - Might be obvious but only 2 of your suits become calldowns as you can immediately call down the Arbiter suit as soon as it expires.
Artanis P3 - You actually get mineral starved late game if you rely too much on constantly warping zealots because they lose guardian shell.
Tychus P3 - With a maxed Odin CD investment the odin more or less becomes a 6th outlaw. Though it does sacrifice the ability to insta-res tychus by calling down an odin if he gets taken out.
Kerrigan P1 - Very niche + but if you’re paired with a Stukov (even better a P3 one) your combined zerg army is basically unmatched on the ground. Same goes for abby if they’re diligent with placing toxic nests.

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Switch part-way through to inferior units? Why would you do that?

In many cases Abby P0 is the strongest Abby. Noobs auto-choose P3.
P0 is almost never a sign of a noob, there’s far more bigger signs.

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oh idk maybe to prevent your bio-ball from growing too large and body-block each other while at the same time make units that give them additional countermeasures against the enemy comp like vikings vs. air comps or BC’s to yamato reavers and disruptors. But hey if you just want to make a large bio army that’s very vulnerable to splash damage only then by all means.

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Ah, I see what you mean. I stutter-step vs skyterr etc, but yes, reaver-distruptor is a key counter to P1 bioball.

I confess I didn’t know this O_O

With the boosted stats and attack speed mastery the Arbiter actually becomes quite a force.

Most people think it’s a bug coz there’s no logical reason why it would have almost no cooldown and it’s not mentioned in the description.

lmao if any P0 makes you look like a noob then you clearly have no idea how good some P0s just are.
Swann P0: You play like P1/P3 but don’t have nerfs on your top bar.
Abathur P0: You play like P2, but don’t have to burn extra gas, and don’t need to hard focus on Swarm Hosts.
Nova P0: P1 but no nerfs to your unit cooldowns. P3 but no nerfs to Nova vs swarmy compositions.
Just because P0 doesn’t have anything special to it doesn’t mean it makes you look like a noob, lmao. It means you don’t want to play with any other prestiges due to wanting to play a mildly different, non-choked style.

I forgot the exact wording why, but the Arbiter one was worded to be excluded from the 700% cd of P1’s (-). It’s akin to why for Artanis P1, his Dragoons cost +30% extra, but don’t get any benefit from the (+).

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They never really commented on it, but they made a deliberate change to it. I remember playing right when prestige was introduced and his arbiter suit had the cool down as well. Then a patch hit, and it lost the cool down with no word from blizzard on it.

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Well if that’s intended I wish they would just make Arbiter permanent, it would really help save APM.

That would be a nerf as you’d have to use another suit before you could redeploy the Arbiter suit preventing relocating your army.


Artanis P2 - Units within the project power field are warped with an observer to increase mobility and attack speed.
Swann P1 - Laser drill locks on faster.
Alarak and Raynor P3 - Air supremacy.
Kerrigan P1 - Queens can now deploy creeps onto un-creeped areas.
Karax P1 - Photon Cannons and Khaydarin Monoliths increases attack speed.
Zagara P1 - Mass Banelings and Scourges.

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