We need zerg anti-air and skills

Hello, I know there are a lot of topics about lack of zerg anti air but please I want you listen me I’m not saying I lose with zerg.
firt of all I’m random player. Not player zerg. I began play with zerg since four years ago, (I have 2000 match with every race) but one years after I changed to random player and lately only play with protoss and terran. I’m platinum with every races. 50% match lost and won with every race. before you answer me you should know of me I know all units of every race, cost and values of every unit. every tactics. My only trouble is micro and apm low (100/120 with zerg and 80/100 with terran and protoss) I don’t want rise of rank. I understand rank upper zerg player are better, but wtf terran and protoss also are better. I believe in every rank players should can win with their ability.

Ok and now I will speak about I want say to you.
almost every terran and half protoss have ability. but zerg has little units with skills.
ok you can win without skills but I believe starcraft 2 is interesting than other games rts because you can win play “dirty” (terran: liberators/banshees/reaper/mines/ghost/etc etc protoss: dark templar/oracle/adepta/sentry/phoenix/disruptor/etc) zerg only have little units: the best for me: lurker and swarm host ok you will say to me I have units like infestor (I don’t like this unit currently) or viper and ravager (I don’t like viper xd) ravager cost more than hydralisk is worse unit. corrupter has ability to attack buildings. I’m aganist this ability because zerg has too much units to attack ground. It isn’t necessary other ability against ground. but these units zerg with abilities don’t work to dirty game like reaper/oracle/templar/liberator only lurkers and swarm host. I would like have more dirty units to zerg.
I believe every unit should has abilities so zerg players learn micro because if you play zerg in platinum you need less micro than protoss and terran and would be more fun of all. I don’t mind if nerf zerg if they get skills.

anti air
Zerg has too much anti ground units. in fact all units attack ground. wtf. EVERY unit attack ground. moreover we haven’t zerg specialised in anti air armoured or anti air light.
you can say to me zerg has queen, and spores, vipers… serioulsy??? you can’t move around map with they. ok, in diamond/master league zerg is capable to maintain creep around map. but I believe for people who is in lower league and can’t maintain creep surround enemy they haven’t queen option.
I would change two units ground and would do them air pure.
SWARM HOST anti air pure. I don’t mind if nerf attack/life of locust. today role overlap broodlord and lurkers. We have too many siege units. remove swoop ability and only attack air.
features of locusts currently
life: 50. I suggest 30
damage: 10. I suggest 5. or
maybe reduce 40 seconds to 30 seconds cool down
other option:
RAVAGER anti air pure. same than today but remove ability and only attack air. and rise life until 160.
other options:
corrupter remove current ability and recover old ability to weaken air units or add other ability anti-air. change anti-massive to anti-armoured
and mutalisk anti-light: currently 9 damage: 7 damage and 12 vs light.


Is this abilities like ghost/raven and high templar/sentry? Because Zerg has infestor/viper and even queen. Zerg has units with abilities too. Just want some clarity here by what you mean with skill.

This is unfortunately just poor game design. Zerg tends to be the “reacting” race as it is much more in their favor to defend and macro up rather than hit an aggressive timing. Most of their units are also not well-designed to be sneaky. I will say this though: Zerg has nydus. The instant you have vision of a spot, you can plant down a nydus worm. This means you can fly an overseer into a P/T’s main and then start popping out your entire army in there. This is one of the most “dirty” elements in the entire game. There are also dropper lords and ling runbys (seems weak on paper but gets so much value when you catch your opponent off guard). It may not be as appealing as the other two races, but the options exist.

The rest of that paragraph is hard to read so I can’t respond to it.

This is true - Zerg is very ground-based. However, hydras and corruptors are very good at dealing with air units, and vipers are the ultimate anti-air unit. It’s true that Zerg doesn’t really have an anti-air that specifically caters towards beating air armor/light, but even then, Zerg units are still pretty good at dealing with those kinds of air units.

Even without spores/queens, you should be using vipers. Vipers are so powerful, and at the level of plat, I guarantee you many players will struggle with dealing with a parasitic bomb. Just make a few vipers. It will work out as long as you don’t suicide all your units after using the ability.

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I agree, they should give zerg a unit that does aoe to air on auto attack like the other races. Personally, I’d love it if zerglings were able to morph into scourge that did aoe, or if they brought back the devourer to apply an aoe debuff. Most of all though they need to remove microbial shroud and add back infested terran.

AOE to air on auto attack… Only thing I can think of on the top of my head is the thor… And the only time that is really used is for defending mutas. I can’t think of anything from Protoss that does AOE to air on auto attack. Devourers would be cool if they morphed from mutas, but corruptors kind of take their role already.

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I say this like day one of sc2. ur 100% correct.

I think the swarm host idea is interesting…

I think give swarm hist toggle or ability to attack air.

Also have viper bomb tagget ur own units now aoe effect be immune to own. But can make overlord and over seers a weapon.

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