Various Bugs I've noticed

  1. Stetmann’s Overseers randomly have Unity Barrier, even when Karax isn’t in the game.
  2. Fenix’s Adepts use Text-to-Speech instead of their actual voice lines.
  3. Oil Baron Prestige Talent for Stetmann crashes the game if you use BattleCarrier Lords.
  4. Karax’s Templar Apparent does not affect the base Colossi given to him at Level 1.
    If there is anything else I run into I’ll update the thread.

Blizzard would like to have each separate bug on a seperate forum/thread, apparently, just thought you’d like to know.

“Please make sure to have separate threads for each bug report and not fill one thread with multiple bug reports.”–How to write a good Bug Report! - #3

Eh. With how small most of these are, I didn’t want to make multiple threads.

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