Upcoming Mission packs

Well, I didn’t want to get too specific. Remember mind control? What if the TD got ahold of old Protoss Tech and started taking over the minds of key figures like Prince or is he Emperor Valarian now? Then he orders an attack on the Zerg again, so Kerigan gets POed and joins the Zerg to fight with the Brood Mothers. Then the Primal Zerg get into it. While they are busy fighting amongst each other the TD go and take over key Protoss leadership and start a civil war between the dark and the regular Protoss again. Like maybe the TD could pay Specters to infiltrate the leadership and get a TD Archon into their command centers to start all havoc. I don’t know, we pay these people to be creative don’t we??? Why not? What if this next 60 or so Campaigns lead into SCIII? Who ever wanted a universe of peace anyway? It would never “realistically” stay that way anyway right? Just think of all the new potential for Co-ops after a Campaign like that!!!

I love everything about the campaigns and thought mini campaigns was an amazing idea moving forward. Nova’s Mission pack was above the quality you’d expect from something so small and I couldn’t wait to see what happened next.

Now almost 4 years on and nothing has been added… I was absolutly certain Alarak was getting a Mission Pack but boy was I wrong. The Campaigns are just so chill and fun, no pressure, cool achievements with cute angles. I would of atleast expected something by now and was certain back then that 9 mission mini Campaigns would be a yearly occurance…

I don’t want to make up reasons for why they stopped because all I can do is tell you that I want them, I need them.

They don’t make as much money as Co-op. End of story.


Well they are running out of Co-op missions and Characters, this would give them a buttload more to make!!

They are bringing dead characters for co-op. Expect Warfield Nyon and/or Hanson as future commanders :smiley:

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Digging up original SC1 Co-op commanders might also happen.

  • Overmind’s Swarm
  • Duke’s Confederacy
  • Tassadar’s Expedition Force
  • Daggoth’s Brood
  • DuGalle’s UED
  • Aldaris’ Conclave

The list is a lot.

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*instant purchase

20 characters limit


Third HotS mission? You mean zagara?

Nope, there is another one on that Umojan world.

Naktul? Nafash? Zzzzz

One or the other, I guess. Not really sure which.

Sheeze, why don’t they make an SCV mission pack, lol!! And a Probe, and a Drone for that sake.

Nobody carries a noob in single campaign, that’s why missions are sold worse than co-op stuff.

You helped me come up with a baddd asssss idea there Helleformer.

How about Co-op Campaigns??? You know, missions that have the capability to be played with two players or maybe more??? What an idea! Maybe they could enable someone to carry someone through single campaign missions, like one at a time so someone won’t have to carry a noob through the whole campaign.

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Activision will nerver Okay anything that costs money. You want this stuff? The editor is already installed on your computer. Go ask Avex how it works and do it yaself.

You are not the first or last to come up with the idea. Truth to be told, any PvE content would be welcome by our community.


Archon mode in campaign would be so amazing, cause apm is what restricts most players. Well now you have twice that! Would be awesome with friends

Also more challenges for hardcore players, because now they can try to 1v2 on Brutal.

You know, this reminds me of something that I was not a fan of throughout the SC2 campaigns, and strangely enough, I don’t think this is something that’s ever been brought up before. What happened to taking on more than one faction per mission? Pretty much everything about the SC2 campaigns was a freaking 1v1. And if it wasn’t a 1v1, it was because you had allies to help take down a single enemy.


Fair point. I always liked this aspect in AoE 2 and SC1 campaigns.