Upcoming Mission packs

After seeing how the Zeratul Commander was done, I could see them do something similar with the OG Zerg Swarm. Make the Overmind the Commander, and 3 Cerebrate armies would be its top-bar abilities.


Why stop there? Why not make co-op commanders for broods tiamat, baelrog, fenris, garm, jormungand, surtur, and grendel? Or the protoss tribes ara, akilae, sargas, venetir, velari, shelak, auriga, furinax? Or the confederacy greek letter squadrons? Alpha, beta, delta, gamma, nova, omega, epsilon, etc? And beyond?

And that’s just from the SC1 lore. There’s plenty more listed on the wiki.

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I would like to point out that there isn’t a Beta Squadron and only a handful of those (Alpha, Delta, Omega, and Nova) actually do something in the story. In fact, Epsilon actually doesn’t have any presence in SC1 and is only used as the placeholder Terran name for the color yellow.

While some of those would be cool and interesting (Auriga skytoss comes to mind) it would be difficult to get representation from those commanders without reinventing the wheel, so to speak.

And since this is my first post since the forum update, why is the UI so awful?


According to the wiki, Epsilon squadron got some obscure lore on the 1998 website about performing surveillance and armored expeditions. Even if it’s current lore is sparse to nonexistent, there’s no reason why it can be expanded upon. Blizzard already pulled the ihanrii out of nowhere, so why not do the same for twenty year old game trivia?

I think you could go with some expanded lore where Epsilon sends expeditions to study dangerous alien ruins, zerg hive clusters, steal alien tech, and other related stuff.

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Because SC forum sadly caught up to other Blizz forums.

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Because by that point, having many Zeratul-like Commanders would start to feel really repetitive.

Fair enough, not that I think this will stop Blizzard since I think repetition set in a while ago when they started making skins and commanders for the most obscure things like Mira Han and the Knights of Tyrador. I still think that the obscure lore factions could inspire new ideas for individual unit skins and variants. We already have sparse unit skins for junkers, judicators, etc but no commanders using them.

Aren’t the junkers kinda already in use with Han/Horner? Not all of the skins obviously but a few of them, right?

And I can’t say I disagree with fleshing out the various factions, obscure or not, I don’t think many warrant commanders. Although if they were to do something, say, make a mission packs about these factions I don’t think anyone would be opposed to a day in the limelight. The big problem with skins/commanders is that there’s only so many unique traits of the overall factions compared to the squadrons/tribe/broods/etc that comprise them. You can only make so many different Zealot designs, after all.

What, the only mention of Protoss tribes since SC1 was in the Artanis comic, all Terran military forces were lumped into whatever respective faction they were in (rip white Alpha Squadron), and the Zerg either became “feral Zerg”, “Amon’s Brood”, or “The Swarm”. Really is wasted potential, both story and gameplay.


Yeah, a multiplayer focus is probably where the problem lies. A lot of these would work better in missions. As much as I find the campaign missions’ excessive gimmicks at odds with the story, from a gameplay perspective gimmicks are a great way to keep the experience fresh. I wish there was some kind of initiative to promote community-made mission packs.

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Mission Packs for each race would be a good start. Diablo, Overwatch and Warcraft got all the hype looks like StarCraft is left for dead once again.

We have Nova for Terran. I’m inclined to let them have an Abathur and Alarak mission pack.

With Abathur, I read sometime ago of a One Day War involving Abathur and Zargara. Maybe if Blizzard has the time, tools and budget. A nine mission pack involving what happened during that war would be a nice mission for us.

Alarak’s mission would involve something about an uprising and Rak’Shir.

It would make bucks if written right. I mean StarCraft has the fanbase, its just that Blizzard should go back to the original theme of the game with its dark and gritty atmosphere. As StarCraft and Diablo franchises focuses more on the mature audience while Warcraft and Overwatch for family-centric gamers.

You mean Naktul, don’t you?

Another baby. 9 months.

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niadra+abathur vs zagara

Niadra? The Queen in the Protoss ship?

Well, I love delving into the lore of every race and this story with Abathur and Zagara may very well be good for exploring the depths of the swarm’s library and genome. How they actually function as a hive mind with Broodmothers, Overlords, Queens, Cerebrates (If there are still any).

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abathur hates zagara hippy, Niadra are traveling, killing everything old school style, the plot can rotate “make swarm great again”


That’s exactly what a great plot could become.

I dont know about all the details about the One-day War but it could become huge if given the platform. Heart of the Swarm was all about Kerrigan’s love story and revenge. I’m a StarCraft fan but HotS was crap compared to WoL and LotV. Blizzard could redeem the Zerg of old past with all the horrors and ruthless aggression that was portrayed to them during SC/Broodwar era.

A 9 part mission revolving Abathur and Zagara’s rivalry could be the clash of the Old Zerg and the New Swarm. We could see returns of old strains as well as new evolutions and new mutations as they battle each other.



But seriously, I wish the events leading up to and including the One Day War would be made into mission packs (more than 9 missions hopefully)

Well, Acti-Blizz is transforming from a game making company to a loot box making company so creative thing like a mission pack for a decade-old dumpster fire like SC2 probably won’t happen until we get rid of all the top management + the shareholders.

Since Blizzard is still is adding content to Starcraft 2; it makes me want a new mini Campaign all the more!

I’d love to play as either Selendis or Vorazun. Maybe one of them could try to convince the Ihan-rii to join the Daelaam?

I really, really want you to be right, but my heart has been crushed way too many times by Blizzard to hope for anything at this point…

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