Upcoming Mission packs

Hi all,

Is there any news or hints that another mission pack would be getting released? I like solo story missions, spamming co-op just does not do it for me :frowning:
Thanks in advance.


Sadly no, every time they’re asked about it they shoot down the idea. I wouldn’t expect any mission packs for the foreseeable future.

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Short answer: no.

Long answer: no.


Yeah, Nova didn’t do bad but co-op is printing money for them right now, so they are going to continue putting their resources into that unless something drastically changes. It sucks but I don’t think they have any intention of making a new mission pack.

I love Co-Op and have no issue with the support they’re giving it, but I agree that a mission pack is long overdue.

The best hope I see for a mission pack is if they decide they need more canon material to use as Co-Op fodder.

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Blizz is saving all the story ideas they can muster for 2030’s Sc3

I used to hope so… until they made Stetmann a commander. Given how any minor character can be a commander; I don’t think they need more canon material anytime soon

I’m not so sure. Stett had a larger footprint than most minor characters bc of his place as an announcer in Co-Op. As far as i can tell, there are only a handful of viable commanders left (selendis, tosh, overmind, etc.)
And there are even fewer map options left to them. If they wanted more campaign-based Co-Op maps, they’ll have to pull from NCO (which i dont believe they’ve done yet) or make more - the original three have very few viable maps left (maybe one based on All In or Salvation, a Devil’s Playground/Cutthroat copycat, few others)

First thing first, they already made a few map from fan creation plus someone completely unique to the Co-op. So your point regarding the map is just wrong in my opinion.

Selendis, Tosh, Overmind, Urun, Mohandar, Hanson, Oland, Probius, Niadra, Nafaas, Izsha, Zurvan, Warfield, Valarian, Stone, Davis, Rigel, Ji’nara, Rohannar, That Queen from third Heart of the Swarm mission, er cetera.

Now, before you removed any of those name remember that they’ve already used Tychus (Totally Dead) and Stetmann (Minor Character). And really; what stop them from just making entire original commander? Like Orphae in Heroes of the Storm.

Time/Spirit is right. There is lot of meat to grind. They might as well ress Tass, Aldaris, OM or Duke at this point.

I’m actually wouldn’t oppose Tassadar. He was my favorite character way back in the Original.

We could go on for quite awhile for possible Co-op factions. Overall, there’s still a lot of choices left for the Terrans compared to the Zerg and Protoss. For Zerg, you’re basically grasping at straws once the Overmind or Cerebrate commanders are done with.

Fair enough.

Disregarding some of the silly ones (probius), most of these are valid options i simply forgot about. Sorry for my ignorance lol.

However, many of these characters will face overlap issues. Ex: I don’t think it’d be easy to produce unique game mechanics if Nova, Tosh, Rigel and Stone are all covert-themed terrain commanders (with varying mechanical/thematic twists).

As for the original commander idea…well, nothing’s stopping them. But i don’t think it’d go over with players as well as an already-known character

But I’m so looking forward to Probius! (Seriously, no joke! Well, maybe half.)

Actually, they wouldn’t completely be the same. Tosh is more of a Spectre. I’m sure they will need to incorporate Terrazine. Maybe the only map they can play in is Bel’shir? Rigel is a scientist and technician. So perhaps they could make his army stronger by ‘studying’ his enemy via bullet. Maybe they could make a random lap spawn with a ‘surprise’ upgrade. (Hopefully, we don’t need to pay for each opening.) Stone could very well be overlap with Nova. But maybe they could make him more covert oriented. Like only has Ghost and Raven. His army can’t engage any enemies’ wave directly. He need to infiltrate and sabotage their bases. Basically, a support commander; only instead of buffing ally, he weakening the enemy.

I don’t know about you, but if the original commander is fun enough to play, then it’s suffice for me.

These are all good ideas. I’m pleasantly surprised by how much diversity the characters allow. Thank you.

I’d considered (like many others) tosh with a 3rd resource mechanic - terrazine -

but your ideas for Stone aren’t ones i’d heard before and would love to see implemented. I imagine that he’d need to have killer mobility to live up to that, and might be lackluster on missions with infested.

Stone would be played like one of the challenges then. Why not.

I was thinking about the next Campaign Series. While I love SCII, someone said III isn’t due for 10 more years and I don’t know if I would lose interest before that. So if I were Bliz, I would consider making a Taldarim (sp? on that) rebellion that threatens first the Terran Race, then the Zerg, then the Protoss using SCII Tech/Programming. That would add another 5 yrs of interest for me at least. Please with Sugar on Top?

Not credible. T’D aren’t that strong.

If the Dominion could become the Big Bad for 2/3 of Sc2 after BW, nothing prevents the Tal’darim from achieving that :wink:


So we want the same mistakes again?

Because if we talk about what’s realistic, then there is no pack.