Unlock max prestiges with money

I don’t feel that unlocking prestigious by paying real money considering as P2W. I also don’t consider that buying Stimpack is P2W. For me, P2W is something like all your co-op commanders will have 25% DPS and 25% Health bonus for 30 days when you purchase the $10 “Army booster” pack.

I also agreed that the game or mode that has a cash shop generally receives the content faster than those games and modes that didn’t have it. Capable to earn money is a very good incentive for the company to keep the game or mode updating.

Heroes of the Storm proved that it still receives regular updates and skin update at a decent speed despite that the main head of the company is already giving up on it.

D3 has a sluggish content/balance update simply because it doesn’t have a cash shop, and PoE is flourishing with the content update because it has a cash shop, even though the stuff that they are selling is rather costly.


All they need to do is sell stimpacks and warchests. You get both and double the xp gain.


But it may be the start of a slippery slope.

People are so hung up on the exact definition of pay to win. This always sparks a debate.

Someone consider anything beyond cosmetic (ie. non-gameplay affecting) to be pay to win. Some, like the ones posted above, consider it only for certain things like the “more dps” and “mastery” ideas.

I personally find the former definition make more sense. The latter draws a very arbitrary line that can be placed anywhere based on personal preference. We can see that even from the mastery to just more DPS ideas here.

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If it were, then we wouldn’t have that many threads about it would we? Besides, no harm in having more options.

Paying for max out something is the most silly and stupid thing i ever read, but saddly i can understand why this could be considered or even this is a subject of debate now, i only have unlock 2 P1, and im really sick tired of do that, obvious im not gonna pay for have an advantage, but neither i have want to play more if that means make me a robot only to unlock something that could have another metod, like something for example unlock the p1 of raynor completing an achievement or a requirement especific.
The mayor problem with grinding, is that both in the short and long term, that becomes severely tiring, tedious and extremely boring, that is why it does not sound strange, weird or surprise me that someone asks for the p2w, because is something mere logic.

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That’s missing the point. Pay to win has the potential to adversely affect the overall gameplay experience. How is it fair that someone who spent time playing the game to get to a certain point in progress only for another player to skip the same amount of content simply by having the financial means to do so?

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What will be next? Pay to press “insta win” button during the mission? A Dime for regular brutal, 50 cent for brutal mutation?



Exactly…prestiging needs to be made more FUN as a process

Choose your prestige

Active from level 1

Mastery while Prestiging


Only if Blizzard commits to release new maps, like 3 per year.

It’s really sad that we no longer get any new maps or commanders to play with.

So given the fact, that they stopped releasing new commanders, maybe they could introduce an XP Boost, like the one you get for buying a Commander Set or the warchest for $2-$3 for those that really want it.


Please consider that for a lot of people grinding is not regarded as content.


There hasn’t been “many” topics on this, and it is for very good reason - this is not a good idea…

And great cliche of a line but it isn’t a truth to be abiding to at all. To add a little humour to it, if you’re need an operation and the doctor asked, “well, I can do this laparoscopically or… this 1st year nurse will perform the procedure… or I can give you a ton of morphine to drive out the ghost in you… or we can just remove it entirely… what will it be?” Sure that’s more options but I doubt that’s better. This idea is just another bad option to draw my ridiculous example to a close lol.

Your word choice alone shows bias. You consider it a grind, when the “it” is just playing the game. You subjectively chose to view it as a tedious task. And by all rights, you are free to feel that way. Yet, it doesn’t make “grind” a fact. And therefore, “grind isn’t regarded as content” doesn’t hold.

You know what does stand true though? Playing the game is content. Quality, good old content. You don’t have to like it but to use it to justify this pay2win idea is a stretch to say the least.

stop being delusional and pretending the grind inst extremely monotonous and boring, especially when you’re trying to unlock a p3.


Please quote the whole thing before you talk about bias. Some people enjoy grinding, some people do not. It’s a simple fact, just like some people enjoy griefing, some enjoy the social aspects and some enjoy getting better at a game.

It’s a demographics thing…


Please understand how the function works. Quoting the whole will have a ton of useless text. That’s why there’s an arrow to expand.

See another bias coming from lack of understanding. Yeah the grind exist for some people (like yourself and Alice there). Do you two both live life at all? Prestige can be boring if you let it is the point. I’m so tired of pointing this out. Justifying a bad idea with your poor way to cope with boring things is just another bad idea.

Work is boring. So instead of finding meaning or a more aspiration job, let’s destroy the company and make everyone I work with feel bad cuz I feel bad. That’ll solve my problem, yes, woo!

stop pretending its a mindset thing to consider it a grind and to consider it boring, you are acting so delusional I cant even… like wow, seriously man…

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Then don’t even, how about that?

Let’s put it another way. How does me being delusional justify your bad idea? It doesn’t does it lol. Check your own delusions first there.

We disagree on prestige being a grind. That’s the fact. And that’s ok to disagree. That is not relevant to pay2win. It’s not a “prestige is boring = pay2win good idea” or “it isn’t = bad idea”. It is just a bad idea. Your mental capacity here is telling.

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The flip side of that to consider is that monetizing the grind would incentivize the devs to make it worse. If they stand to make money off people skipping the grind, the next logical step would be to make the offer more enticing for players by making the grind even longer. Dev time might be diverted from new commanders (or whatever they’re working on now) to finding cheaper, innovative ways to make the game worse. You can argue that we’ve already seen this dynamic with DLC campaigns vs co-op commanders, as the latter are likely much cheaper and easier to make than the former (not that I don’t get excited with new commander, of course).

Player perception is important too. Whatever you may think of the current grind with prestiges, nobody’s arguing that the devs did it to make more money - but if there was an option to pay to skip the grind (even if they introduced it later), the narrative changes to “scumbag Blizzard charging for everything, RIP SC2 cuz of Activi$ion.” Even if the devs would have acted exactly the same way otherwise, any perceived flaw with the game would be looked at through the lens of “greedy Bli$$ard”, and I argue that would put the game in a far worse state than how it is right now (which I don’t even think is bad, but that’s another discussion).

I don’t mind paying for things and I wouldn’t mind Blizzard seeking other ways to monetize SC2, but I think it would be good for the game if they stuck to charging for new content/cosmetics instead of charging for conveniences. The latter would send SC2 down a dark path.


It’s so nice of you to explain that much detail to them. I feel when a discussion gets to this point, it is clearly these people just want what they want. They don’t care at al how it affects the game, the community, or other players. They just care about getting their way. Anyone saying anything else different is just “delusional” lol.

To quote myself above lmao:

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