Unlock max prestiges with money

pay like a dollar to level your prestige to 15 instantly



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if they make more money that could also mean more sc2 content in the future; could help the game live longer. you should consider that too.


rip sc2, no support from community, 1 commander per year, 0 maps a year…a slowly dying flame with no hope…


I’d say $5 to unlock all 3 Prestige for each CO? There is no way my time is worth such a pitiful amount of money.


maybe 2 bucks each just so people don’t feel so heavily inclined to pay I guess and also because they want to feel like their time is valuable…

there’s definitely been a lot of prestige ive grinded though that I wish I could’ve just payed to skip or something tho, like karax p3, kerrigan p1, pretty much all of fenix’s, stukov p2, all of swann’s, etc…


If there is a pay dollar system, then it will be more expensive than Stimpack. Considering that you need to buy warchest for it, you will need to be AT LEAST 15$ per commander.


I work 50-60 hours per week now and don’t have time to grind. Yes please, let me buy prestiges.


I would prefer 5-10$ stim pack w/o beeing forced to buy it tho warchest.

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Just a dollar? Seriously? You need to learn how to price gouge.

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10$ per prestige.
50$ to get to lvl90.
100$ to get to lvl 1000.

then cry in the forums that theres no content


Agreed. Plus, this is a PVM game, so I don’t think it is unfair for those who didn’t pay for it.

Seriously, why are they still refuse to sell STIMPACK until now?


I work a lot of hours. I don’t mind this but there are others that will argue this will be pay to win and people dislike pay to win.

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I despise the idea of allowing players to skip content simply because they have fat wallets.

Pay to win has become synonymous with corporate greed in recent years, along side loot boxes and season passes. Play with fire at your own risk.


I’m alright with stimpack, don’t get it why they’re only in bundles.

But get full exp by money? Nope, don’t make Blizzard go even lower with micro transactions.

They DO need to make money, but insta-progress is not it.

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It’s actually a terrible idea.

The reason being that creating content will always take longer than enjoying said content. If you allow the full content to be insta-unlocked by purchase, then your content become insta-boring. Sure it’ll be played for a bit but “that grind” is part of the longevity as well. I know it’s hard to fathom but it’s true.

If that didn’t convince ya, the proposal is just a “pay to win” model. Purchase content like so many mobile games. That is definitely one sure way to actually ruin Starcraft, a classic and beloved game then turned to buy-to-win. :+1: terrible way to go out as a franchise lol.

And lastly, depending on how you implement the content, what’s purchases you can get, and how you get those, it might infringe on the realm of gambling in gaming. And anyone paying any attention to gaming news in the past year or so should know why and how quickly that’ll get shut down.

Pay to win is just a bad model, and I for one am super glad SC2 isn’t like that.


Devs spent like a whole year working on the prestige system probably and hardly made any money because of it. I wouldnt be surprised if this was one of the last updates the game got.

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I realize that supporting the devs is good, but something about this idea makes me deeply uneasy. There are better ways to bring money to the game than this. And there are better ways to expedite prestige unlocks than this. Doing this would just make the whole thing look like a cash grab.

Maybe adding a prestige-only Stimpack I could support, but not this.

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Considering this is the last Blizzard game that Activision hasn’t really touched. I’d prefer no. But then it’s Activision. Gone are the days when:

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