Underutilized but still good units?

Stukov Tanks: Best tanks in the game by a longshot. Insane range, powerful damage, great mobility, and their spine crawler covers their close-range weakness.

Swann Wraiths: A very different playstyle to standard Swann, but wraiths are quite powerful when used right. Stutter-stepping with wraiths brings out great DPS… just make sure to snipe AA splash ahead of time.

Dehaka Impalers: Powerful single-target anti-ground units with ludicrous DPS. Seriously, Impaler damage is ridiculous.

Karax Colossus: Great addition to Karax’s compositions for anti-ground damage. Just a small handful of Purifier Colossi can rake in immense kills. They’re also his best answer to defending on Dead of Night. Just remember to not use all-army during the night.

Artanis Immortals: This one doesn’t quite fit the same definition as the others do… actually screw it, it does. Every Artanis I see just goes mass dragoon without any immortals. Which is quite a shame. Even Artanis couldn’t screw up immortals, and they still manage to be his best anti-ground unit. Seriously, take the time to make some immortals. You’ll thank me.

Alarak Ascendants: Tfw his best unit is underutilized LOL. Ok but seriously, most Alaraks I meet in the queue either go mass destroyer or robo. Use ascendants, guys! It’s a difficult playstyle to learn but the rewards are immense.


Indeed, they’re the better dragoons vs ground, I think it’s even more important to make them on P3 since they can tank a lot.

I’m playing a lot of Artanis again. Trying to not go mass dragoons. Making it a point to go with Immortals / Reavers against mechanical ground, Zealot / Archon against biological ground (with some Immortals off only 1 Chronoboosted robo facility when the enemy bio is accompanied by Ultralisk or tanks)+ Zerg air, I’ve been trying to use Phoenix’s as well if I can. Immortal / Reaver / Phoenix + mineral dump spinlots is actually great on Miner evacuation.

I’m still making dragoons but trying not to mass them these days.

Immortals are great.


Artanis P1 is great for not making Dragoons. I played a lot with Zealots and High Templar (only archon them when out of storms).


Swann’s blue flame Hellions/Hellbats.

They don’t even exist, the transform hotkey is pretty much cosmetic and when you do transform, it’s miss micro.

Most use I’ve got is become hellion so they come to my main army faster… So sad for hellions

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You don’t have to transform them. If you want hellbats, you can make them right from the factory.

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Are people not making Hellions so they get to wherever faster? And then transform?

Wouldn’t making Hellbats be extra steps… quite literally? Or the Hellbats expecting to be mugged along the way lol.

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I just thought it was funny because Blizzard used to make you transform them. But then they changed the factory so that you can build the hellbat from there, as well as the hellion. Happened on ladder too.

Underutilised units:
Critters (or whatever they should be called in Starcraft 2)

Source of essence, biomass, and possibly others, and if you see them and somehow have nothing else to do, you can click them until boom and collectible stuff ready for the receiving unit (not sure if it work with something else than the 2 things I listed)


But…but… Killing critters is evil
(I’m a sinner for that in oblivion express)

Swann cyclone. Insane dps, but you can’t micro them like Amon does his. Human is weak. RTS is dead.

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I can’t micro Ravens like Amon does either. He knows how to shoot those hunter seeker missiles, run away, and repeat.

For a while, I thought the infested structures were Armored, but they’re actually Light! Makes Colossi, Hellbats, and Hellions more ideal against them. As a bonus, when broodlings spawn from when they get destroyed, all of those units do splash damage and can swiftly take them down.

Still, may want to take along some anti-Armored units to better deal with Aberrations and standard enemy comps that do have the Armored tag. Speaking of which…

Early on, you could get by with just Dragoons, but later on vs. ground Armored units, you get more mileage with Immortals in the mix. That said, I’ve been lazy about this :\

I’d say Nova’s Ghost/Banshee combo. If we are on heavy offense, if you build nothing but Ghosts and Banshees you have a 100% permanently cloaked army, which allows you to basically march around the map with impunity, since Snipe will instantly obliterate any detector that comes near you.

I used this on Dead of Night while my teammate defended and literally just continued a non-stop, completely unimpeded assault both day and night and there was not a single thing anything on the map could do about it.

Admittedly, it is probably slower than other Nova comps, but still really fun watching the enemy panic because they can’t do anything as you pick them all off.

The enemy is supposed to have turrets with detection even in Casual, so it definitely look easier in your words than in reality.

Not workable against Terran because of orbital scans, but sabotage drones can get rid of any photon cannons and spore crawlers for you.

Definitely not the faster strategy, but it’s not all that hard to use either.

Depending on how I’m feeling, a few flaming betties at home and a bunch of micro’d cloaked wraiths can go around 1 shotting most infested structures and detectors with there pulse amplifiers. Great alternate if your stuck with an “idef” ally.

Nova’s Spider Mines. You’ll typically have Tanks anyways. Set them up near spawn points to spawn camp. Otherwise, leave them around the map off the beaten path to serve as vision. Let’s you teleport around the map to reinforce areas (e.g. L&L).

Exactly. I’d say only 1/10 Nova allies actually spawn camp against heavy ground. Her spider mines are amazing for that on many maps.

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